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Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey Steinbrinck is a Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Sinch Email on Acid and Sinch Mailgun. He curates the EoA blog and cranks out our long form content and reports. He writes about all things email and email adjacent.

Latest stories by Kasey Steinbrinck

Hermes delivers email to a Greek goddess

What do marketers need to know about email deliverability?

What does the term “email deliverability” mean to you? The truth is...there’s a lot more to it than simply getting messages delivered. If you think of email deliverability as the best practices you follow to avoid the spam folder and blocklists, you’re getting closer. But...

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Hermes on a seesaw

How to tackle the biggest email design and development challenges

The email channel is an excellent way to achieve major marketing objectives, but for those who design and code campaigns, it also causes frustration. Why doesn’t this look right in Outlook? How come our logo disappears in dark mode? Why is it so hard to make a...

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Greek god with the number 10

Email marketing objectives: 10 ways it can boost your business

What can email marketing do for you and your business? Seriously... What’s the point of sending emails anyway? We could talk all day about the value of reaching people through email communications. But why take our word for it? Let’s explore the many ways you can...

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Hermes pointing on letter, Hera taking notes

The state of small business email marketing: Inbox Insights 2023

In many ways, the inbox provides a level playing field for businesses of all sizes and types. If you can build a list of engaged subscribers and deliver relevant messages, a small business has about the same chance of reaching someone with email as a Fortune 500...

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Hermes and Hera sitting on some cupcakes

Email marketing statistics: From overall success to personalization

Email marketing statistics help you measure and compare your program’s success and strategy to other senders. While it’s totally true that every industry, brand, and contact list is unique, looking at the big picture helps you find areas of improvement. Inbox Insights...

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Gods with glasses and woodframe whiteboard

Email marketing in 2023: Key takeaways from the Inbox Insights survey

Email is a powerful communication channel and a versatile marketing tool. Ask a bunch of senders about their approaches to email marketing in 2023 and you’re sure to hear a different answer every time. Your business and brand are unique. So is your email...

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Hermes and a Goddess chill on some stats in front of stationery

Small business marketing: Can email help you survive a recession?

During a recession, the little guys often get hit the hardest. As the economy takes a turn for the worse, it impacts different regions, industries, and people in different ways. Small businesses, for example, may struggle to survive a recession more than large...

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Hermes shows some statistics to a Goddess

Marketing in a recession: Insights from “Email in an evolving economy”

If uncertainty makes you feel uncomfortable, we’re willing to bet you might be a little worried about what’s going to happen to the global economy in 2023. We get it... Whether you’re concerned about working with a tighter budget, keeping a small business afloat, or...

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Hermes wearing a mask sits on a sofa and spies emails

Email spoofing: How brand impersonation really works

Celebrity impressions are hilarious. Who doesn’t love a good Sean Connery or Marlon Brando impersonation? But when bad actors impersonate your brand through email spoofing, it’s no laughing matter. Because email is such a personal and trusted...

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A picture of Athena on a mobile screen.

What is RCS messaging and should it be in your marketing mix?

Eye-catching email campaigns may have a bit of an edge over SMS marketing when it comes to design and overall experience. Basic texting, however, isn’t the only way to reach customers and prospects in their mobile messaging inboxes. RCS messaging presents...

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Hermes draws an arrow next to a lamp

SMS and email marketing: Comparing communication channels

What do you check more often... your email inbox or your text messages? What’s the best way to reach customers and prospects with marketing messages? How do you think other people prefer to hear from brands? We’re willing to bet that the answers to questions...

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3 gods celebrating with pink doughnuts

Storytelling in marketing: Make your customer the hero [Infographic]

Most of us already know that there are some major benefits to using storytelling in marketing. However, we’ve all heard some really good stories as well as stories that bore us to death. So, what are the secret ingredients for a powerful and persuasive marketing...

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