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Must have lifecycle email campaigns for the sport industry

Email marketing is becoming more and more relevant for the sport industry. The most important Lifecycle email campaigns for that industry you can find here.

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Email marketing is becoming more and more important across all industries due to increasing digitalization and the change of customer behavior. And of course, this also includes the sport sector. By now, you’re probably aware that email marketing is one of the best and cheapest ways of connecting with your fanbase and maximizing your ROI. But how can you make the most of it?

The key to success is to have engaged recipients who stick by you. Sport companies have a big advantage: they have passionate fans and customers who eagerly await for their team’s latest news, their recent fitness challenges or their new training opportunities.

So, what type of emails should companies in the sport sector consider?

Yes, the sports industry has it easier. But to be successful, being an average performer is not enough… and sports companies know this well. To do so, you should use different types of email: marketing emails, transactional emails and email automation.

What? You don’t master all of these yet? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Let’s check out all of the emails available to the sport industry:

Marketing emails

Email marketing is essential for effective customer communication and customer care. It includes all emails sent to several people at the same time, in order to establish and consolidate customer relationships.

Hardly any other promotional channel allows companies such a personalized customer approach. Variables and attributes allow you to achieve precise campaigns and add a personal approach, by addressing recipients by name and adding tailored information.

Add to this its low sending costs, high sending speed, the endless design possibilities, all the tracking and analyzing options and its scalability and… voila. You’ve got a winner.


"True fans" want to know everything about their favorite sport team, athletic souls are triggered by competitive opportunities… There’s an addictive element to sports that makes us want to consume more and more information. So, what better way to engage your users than with a stunning newsletter? Fixtures, game reviews, interviews, latest news, upcoming events, new fan gear and other offers... Your fans and customers surely want to know it all.

Important announcements

Whether it’s an upcoming general meeting, an app update, a new gym or store opening somewhere, or the kick-off to your season ticket sales, there’s plenty of relevant information you’ll need to share with your members, and there’s no better way to do it than with a perfectly branded email.

Event-related promotions

It could be a sporting event somewhere, a special offer for Mother’s Day or a sales promotion encouraging people to join the gym in the new year (‘cause, let’s be honest, everyone wants to join the gym in the new year…). Leverage these special dates to connect with your customers with beautifully designed campaigns.

Transactional emails

Watching your favourite sports team win at home is fun. But watching them win live is even better.

Nowadays, more and more people buy their tickets online, or order their fan gear through your online shop. Why not leverage your e-ticket receipt to spread that excitement and convince your fans to purchase a team jersey?

Transactional emails, like password resets, order confirmations or account activations, have 8x the open rate compared to other emails. This is because they are expected by the customer, and their strong personalization and the importance of the information provided connects with the reader on a deeper level.

Thus, triggered emails are the ideal tool for building and strengthening customer relationships, and a fantastic opportunity to upsell, cross-sell, gather feedback and drive traffic towards other parts of your website or social channels.


Email automation

Fans are loyal souls and may stick with you for the rest of their lives. Does this mean you should take them for granted? No. You can always do more to strengthen your relationship. Email automation helps you connect with your fans with the right message, at the right time. It complements your email marketing efforts and can be used in a wide range of situations: to welcome new customers and members, to congratulate them on their birthday, to reward their loyalty with individual vouchers… and even to re-engage them if necessary.

By doing so you nurture leads, new visitors and existing customers alike, and improve your critical KPIs. Thanks to all of your existing user data, emails can be customized not only for target groups, but for individual customers too.

Welcome series

A welcome email series is one of the best ways to interact with your fans. Create different campaigns to greet your users after they sign up to your newsletter, become new members or create an account.

Welcome emails are a great way to introduce your company and what you offer, and to drive traffic towards the next logical step in your customer journey. You might want to use these series to promote a club membership, your online fanshop, introduce other team related products and drive social media engagement.


As a fan, a personal birthday wish sent by their favourite sport team or a personal Thank You email for being a member for the last 1, 2…. year(s) can strengthen the relationship even more. Top that with a special discount for your online store or for an account upgrade, or go for a more special gift, like a Meet and Greet with the players.


Abandoned cart and abandoned search

Your customer was just about to buy match tickets or renew their gym subscription when life got in the way. Don’t let them forget about you. Remind them about their abandoned search or abandoned cart, and all the great reasons why they need to complete this purchase.

Session / event reminders

No one wants an empty seat at their stadium or at their sports class. Remind your users about their upcoming fixture or session, and use this opportunity to offer key information of what they can expect. Anything from how to get there, to the warming-up they should do to prepare could be helpful to your reader and show that you care.

Loyalty emails

Whether your customer’s been following their team forever, they just broke a new record or they have completed their fifth purchase at your store, loyalty and commitment should be rewarded. Set up an automated scenario to target users that reach a certain level on your loyalty or sports plan.

Reactivation campaigns

For some inexplicable reason, your customer has forgotten about you. Maybe they’re not following through with their tailored fitness program, they’re not opening your emails or they missed a game even though they had a season ticket.

Lure them back with an offer they can’t reject. If there was a purchase cancellation or a missed game, remind them about your next home game. If they aren’t logging into your sports app, attract them with a challenge or spark that competitive side of them. Whatever the challenge, sky is the limit when it comes to finding creative ways to re-engage your customers.

Feedback emails

Did your members enjoy their last class or their recent visit to your stadium? Are your website and your app easy to use and a good place to find the answers your customers need? Are there any special events your season ticket holders would really like to enjoy? Encourage your subscribers’ to share their views on your social media accounts, customer survey or on the App store.

Wrapping up

As you can see, emailing offers a lot opportunities to create a lasting relationship with your customers. A well-planned strategy and stunning email campaigns will help you do just that.

Have you got any great email campaign examples? Share them with us on Twitter and show us your best ideas to target your customers!

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