Send Lifecycle Email Campaigns

Keep your list updated with re-engagement emails

One way to keep your subscribers happy is to regularly clean your list by removing inactive contacts. Inactive recipients are those who haven’t opened or clicked your email marketing campaigns in a given amount of time, like the last six months. But before removing those inactive subscribers, make sure they really don’t want to keep receiving your communications and, most importantly, try to reconnect one last time. This is where re-engagement email campaigns come in.

Even if subscribers can show less interest in your emails over time, sending win-back email campaigns is a great technique to help renew the relationship. A re-engagement email is your last effort to remind inactive contacts of the value and benefits your campaigns bring to them. Also, as this is your last chance to grab their attention, you should try a creative and fun approach for your subject line. For example, use a “We miss you” subject line. But if your last attempt to make contact again doesn’t work, you have to let recipients that are not interested anymore go. 

How to send a re-engagement campaign 

To send a re-engagement campaign, make sure to use an Email Service Provider that offers advanced statistics and segmentation, and then: 

  • Create a segment with people who haven’t opened and clicked a campaign in the last six months. 

  • Send a campaign to this segment asking contacts to click on a specific call-to-action (CTA) button if they want to keep receiving your communications. This CTA should link to a dedicated landing page created for the occasion. 

  • After a few days, download your campaign click list and select contacts that have clicked on this specific link. 

  • Finally, go to your contact list and remove or unsubscribe all recipients from this inactive segment, and re-add to the list only the recipients who clicked on the re-engagement link.


While marketers lose about 25% of their email list each year, sending a re-engagement campaign helps retain subscribers over time.



Pro Tip

Use a clever mix of humor and emotion in your re-engagement email campaigns to engage your readers. Showing them the best of your brand personality will help make them want to continue their journey with you.

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