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Connect with your clients through anniversary emails

Sending anniversary emails is a good way for marketers to connect with their subscribers and make them feel appreciated. An anniversary email is sent to commemorate a special occasion or milestone like a newsletter sign up anniversary, a first-purchase anniversary, the customer’s birthday, or even the anniversary of your business.

Because anniversary emails are more individual and personal than other marketing emails, they can be more colorful and humorous. It’s your chance to add a human and authentic touch to your email, and to show that your brand is thoughtful, generous, and real.

Emails for anniversaries are great ways to build loyalty and strengthen your relationships, and also to keep your subscribers engaged with your business and create a new sales opportunity. For example, you can include exclusive discounts or special offers (like free shipping) within your anniversary email to encourage purchases. These kinds of strategies will benefit both the recipients and your business.

How to create great anniversary emails

As part of your customer lifecycle optimization, anniversary emails should be integrated to your automated email marketing strategy. First, partner with an email marketing software that provides email automation and anniversary workflows. Then, keep in mind some best practices when it comes to creating anniversary emails:

  • Stand out from the crowd in the inbox with a catchy email subject line and preheader. Your recipients should understand that you have something to celebrate with them. Use an emoji “gift” or “birthday cake” for example.

  • Create engaging content and feel free to go off the beaten track. While remaining consistent with your brand image, why not spice up your email with a funny “happy birthday” GIF or picture? 

  • Include a coupon in the anniversary or birthday email. You’re celebrating a special day, and your customers deserve special attention like a discount or even a free gift. Anniversary email campaigns are your chance to spoil your clients. 

  • Generate conversions with a strong call-to-action (CTA). Don’t forget to place your CTA above the fold and make sure it’s easily clickable on mobile devices. Also, use motivational messaging to encourage readers to take action.


Sending anniversary emails offers you a chance to make a deeper, more meaningful connection with your mailing list.



Pro Tip

To be able to trigger an anniversary workflow, the anniversary date of each of your users needs to be stored as a contact property, so make sure you collect this information from them.

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