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Onboard new subscribers with welcome emails

A welcome email is the first impression a company makes when a new person signs up to its newsletter. For marketers, welcome emails are a great way to establish a relationship with a new contact. They can also encourage email subscribers to do many things, like complete their profile, download content, or even complete a purchase.

When getting started with welcome emails, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • It’s a chance to show appreciation to your new subscribers and send a thank you note. It can be as simple as a line of text, or you can get creative and use images or GIFs.

  • Welcome emails are a great way to introduce your brand and start building trust with your new contacts. They’re a great story-telling tool for helping you to tell your brand story and reveal some interesting facts.

  • The content of the welcome message should be relevant, succinct, and provide some sort of value. For example, you can give your new subscribers an incentive to keep them engaged in your brand, such as a discount code or exclusive content.

  • Welcome emails also help you get more touchpoints with new subscribers. A great way to encourage engagement is by linking out to your social channels and having subscribers connect with you on other platforms.

How to create a great welcome email 

Make sure to use an Email Service Provider (ESP) offering marketing automation features, and set up your welcome emails series: 

  • Start by selecting a “Welcome” scenario to onboard new subscribers. 

  • Create one or more emails. For a proper introduction of your brand, you may choose one email or an email sequence of 3–5 welcome emails to send.

  • For each email in the workflow, you can decide whether the email should be sent immediately or after a delay. For the first welcome email, you want to send it as soon as the user signs up.

  • Finally, design your emails and add authentic email content as a way to build trust and develop your relationship with your subscribers. Make sure to write effective email subject lines and create strong calls-to-action (CTA buttons) to boost your conversion rates.


The average open rate for a welcome email is 50%. That makes it 86% more effective than standard newsletters. Users who receive a welcome email show 33% more engagement with the brand.



Pro Tip

Welcome emails get some of the highest engagement rates of any emails. They offer the perfect opportunity to engage new subscribers and convince them to take action. Don’t miss your chance.

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