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Enrich Your Contact List

Provide email sign up offers to your subscribers

One effective way to get people to sign up to your newsletter is to offer them one-off discounts or special offers. While promoting your newsletter, highlight the advantages that those who subscribe to your email list will get. Make sure that they are exclusive offers that will attract attention.

Some companies choose to launch this type of campaign on a seasonal basis, like during the Christmas season or during high sales periods, while others spread them out over the year. Overall, a more scattered email offers strategy is preferable to avoid email subscribers leaving your list once the season has come to an end.

How to attract subscribers with sign up offers

Offering exclusive discounts and benefits is a great way to get new subscribers, especially for retailers. Here’s a list of things you can give away:

  • Free delivery. This is a powerful incentive for many people to sign up to a newsletter and make a new purchase.

  • Discount. A good discount can be a 50% or 15% promo code available on the email recipient’s next purchase (it can be an in-store or online purchase).

  • Specific credit. Like some brands, offer a $10 or $50 credit to any new subscribers on their next order. 

  • Free food. If you’re working in the food service industry, allow people to get something free next time they come to your place – like appetizers.

  • Reward program. Automatically add any first-time subscribers to your reward program to encourage customers to shop consistently.


With 56.4% of users saying they subscribe to a newsletter to regularly receive special offers and 52.5% to receive a one-off discount, providing those will efficiently help you enrich your contact list.



Pro Tip

Keep in mind that while discounts and special offers may compel people to sign up for an email list, personalized and targeted content is what drives them to open emails and remain engaged over time.

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