Enrich Your Contact List

Use pop-up forms to capture users visiting your website

To enrich your email list, one important thing you need to do is multiply the points of collection on your website. In addition to including subscription forms within your website, you can also implement pop-up forms on specific web pages to capture new subscribers. They are a very effective method of building your email marketing list.

But you need to make sure your pop-ups won’t be seen as an obstacle by the users, and that pop-ups won’t disrupt their experience. Be mindful of when to trigger them, and at which frequency. For example, you can display the pop-up after a certain delay, when the visitor scrolls a given percent of the way down the page, or when the user tries to exit the page (this is known as an exit intent pop-up). You can also decide to space out the number of times a pop-up appears. For example, you can show it only once per visitor instead of on every visit. 

Note that, even if not mandatory according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it’s still recommended to use double opt-in pop-up forms in order to make sure the user’s interested.

How to implement pop-up forms on your website

To implement pop-ups that capture users without hurting their experience, you can use dedicated tools such as SumoMe or Sleeknote. Those kind of tools will help you to:

  • Design and customize your pop-up. Display personalized on-page messages to the right visitor on the right page and create forms that are consistent with the look and feel of your website.

  • Add or remove input fields. Get more control over your contact scoring by choosing which input fields are compulsory for visitors to complete when submitting a form.

  • Personalize your preferences. Invite visitors to segment themselves when opting in so they only receive campaigns that are relevant to their needs.


When integrated into your emailing solution, dedicated tools that capture website visitors can increase your daily subscriptions by 20%.



Pro Tip

Depending on your business and audience target, find the right balance between making sure you’ll get results from pop-ups forms and reducing the negative effect they might have on your visitors’ experience.

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