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Enrich Your Contact List

Promote your newsletter over support channels

Another great way for marketers to promote their email list is through their customer support team. It can be done via different customer support channels: social media, telephone, chat, emails… Your customer support team can be a great asset to enrich your contact list as support is one of the main client touchpoints. 

For example, if someone contacts your company to ask if one of your products will be coming back into stock, reply and also encourage them to sign up to your email database so they can be the first one to see the new catalogue or learn about next season’s products or services. 

How to promote your newsletter over support channels

Promoting your email newsletter via support channels cannot be done randomly. There are certain rules that need to be followed in order to do this right:

  • Make sure the support provided met the customer expectations. In no circumstances can the help desk promote your newsletter if the customer didn’t get a good customer experience out of your support. Three things to take into account to measure the support experience should be the ease of contact, the response time, and the customer satisfaction.

  • Ensure your support agents have the right messaging to promote your email campaigns and that they are able to adapt the benefits highlighted based on the use case of each individual customer. To make their life easy, define several support scenarios and draft the appropriate message for each of them. 

Store consent by keeping a record of how you obtained the express consent of each new subscriber. That includes: the data subject who gave the consent, when the consent was obtained, and the specific purpose for which the consent was given. This is mandatory under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Leveraging your support team, who is one major customer touchpoint, will help you promote your newsletter and get more subscribers out of your clients.



Pro Tip

Treat each customer with respect, no matter what. A happy customer is likely to tell at least three friends about a positive experience. No only will it help you enrich your contact list, but it will also improve your brand image.

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