Introducing Dcodrr by Mailjet. Let’s eradicate buzzwords together.

Introducing Dcodrr by Mailjet, an inbox plug-in that translates buzzwords. Dcodrr is reinventing communication by eliminating extra fluff from your email.

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Update: Although the Mailjet Crew feels strongly about eradicating buzzwords, Dcodrr isn’t a real product just yet (we wish!). We are working hard to make email as simple and pain-free as possible, for both businesses and consumers.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing an Email 101 series, a crash course on all of the essentials to email marketing. Follow along, it’ll be a good way to pick up (or a good refresher) on email buzzwords!

Overused buzzwords, or worse - incorrectly used buzzwords. We’ve seen this issue plaguing the startup tech community for some time now and decided to take matters into our hands. Introducing Dcodrr by Mailjet, an inbox plug-in that detects and translates buzzwords. Dcodrr will reinvent communication by eliminating the extra fluff from your email and trim down to what matters most.

Dcodrr works in three easy steps. Start by installing Dcodrr to your email client of choice. Then, watch as buzzwords are highlighted in all incoming and outgoing email. Click on a highlighted word to display an illustrated explanation.

If you deem yourself a buzzword pro, help us grow our dictionary!

Let’s eradicate buzzwords and together, build a more universal inbox experience.

Head over to sign up for an access code or share on social to move up on the list!

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