It always seems like the moment that the Christmas decorations come down in the stores, the aisles are magically flooded with red and pink hearts the next day. Yep, it’s that time of year already: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

While you’re trying to decide if you really need that adorable giant teddy bear, your customers are figuring out what gifts to buy and what places to go to celebrate this love-filled holiday. Valentine’s Day happens to be a perfect time to use email to strengthen your relationship with your contacts and help them find what they’re looking for. Whether the holiday makes you cringe, swoon or simply get excited for the discounted chocolate you’re planning buy the day after (come on, we all do it), here is your route to success, in just five simple steps.


Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Emails This Valentine’s Day

1. Send a first campaign

Don’t be afraid to send your subscribers a sneak peek of your upcoming Valentine’s Day sale. While they may groan at the realization that the holiday is right around the corner, they’ll appreciate the reminder that they need to start shopping. Keep your first campaign simple and play to the excitement that comes with Valentine’s Day.  If you create an exciting first email in your holiday campaign, your customers might show more interest later as the day approaches.

valentine's day email marketing

This initial campaign is a great example for reminding subscribers to start shopping for the holiday.

2. Segment your campaigns based on activity

By now, you’ve heard us say it a million times. Segmentation is a great way to reach your audience on a more personal level. For example, you can start your Valentine’s Day campaign  with a more general email about your upcoming sale to your main list, then send a campaign to the ones that converted, with some upselling or cross-selling opportunities.. For the ones that didn’t click, you could send them a funny campaign encouraging them to self-indulge. This way, you play to the feelings of both sides of your subscriber base.

Of course, segmentation is not the only way of adapting your message to your audience. You can also send personalized content by using Mailjet’s templating language to create blocks within your email campaigns that are specifically tailored to each user. For example, a travel site could suggest subscribers’ favorite destinations as inspiration for a Valentine’s Day getaway. Don’t get too personal, though! Your users appreciate smart use of data, but showing them examples that are a little *too* close to home might make your customers uncomfortable.

valentine's day email marketing

This email, sent to a segmented list based on a shopper’s habits, is the perfect way to encourage a Valentine’s Day splurge.

3. Leverage your order confirmations

Valentine’s Day is a great time to go for the upsell. It’s a time where people go all out for their significant others, so use email to make sure they see all their options, even after they’ve placed an order. If one of your subscribers orders a necklace, try including the option to purchase the matching earrings or a jewelry box within your email. Since transactional emails have consistently higher open rates than marketing emails, you can use them to get your message even closer to your customer.

You can also use your transactional emails to offer buyers a special deal on their next purchase. That way, your customers will be more enticed to return to your site after the Valentine’s Day excitement has calmed down. In other words, your order confirmation may be the last email a one-time customer opens from you, so make it count!

4. Give your procrastinators an extra nudge

Has someone clicked your emails several times leading up to the holiday without making a purchase? You might be dealing with a classic holiday procrastinator. These shoppers are professionals at waiting until the last minute to order gifts, then trying to order something in a panic, on super short notice. Let them know that all is not lost through your emails.

Try retargeting the group of people on your list that have opened and clicked without making a purchase to remind them when the last day to order for Valentine’s Day delivery will be. If they miss it, follow up with a email about same-day or next-day delivery (if you can offer it) or simply opportunity to purchase a digital gift card. Your customers will appreciate the last-minute options, so that they’re not caught empty-handed when the big day arrives.

valentine's day email marketing

This email from Edible Arrangements provides a last-minute gift option to encourage potential customers to make an immediate purchase.

valentine's day email marketing

In this last minute email, GrubHub suggests an alternative date night that customers can try with a discount. This campaign is a great way to calm someone who may be worried about not having Valentine’s Day plans.

5. Don’t forget to show your love, too

Valentine’s day isn’t just for the couples, it’s also a great chance for you to show your subscribers how much you love them! Send them a personalized deal that will make them feel valued. If they’re a frequent customer, sending them a coupon for your product or service is a friendly way to remind them that you appreciate their business. For example, if you’re in the restaurant industry, try sending your most loyal customers a small discount that can be used on Valentine’s Day.

valentine's day email marketing

This email from Dunkin’ Donuts’ loyalty program gives users extra points for visiting on Valentine’s Day. The campaign is a great way to encourage customers to make a purchase to get the special benefits.

We hope you’re not feeling too sappy after our love-filled email examples. Don’t miss your chance to form a love connection with your contacts this Valentine’s Day,. you might even enjoy a boost in your sales!

If you’re feeling the love when creating your Valentine’s Day email campaigns, share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #EmailMarketing.