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Special report: Email in an evolving economy

Insights and opinions on facing a global recession

What's inside

In this free report, you will find:

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    Survey results from more than 1,300 email senders around the world.

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    Economic factors that are most likely to affect business results.

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    Opinions on the top communication channels for ROI in a recession.

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    Insights on 2023 marketing budgets and strategies.

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    Marketing and communication priorities of the most successful senders.

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    The email marketing practices senders say provide the biggest impact.

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    Opportunities for success during an economic downturn.

Download the report:


Email in an evolving economy

How do email senders feel about the challenges ahead?

As the global economy takes a turn for the worse, it will affect nearly marketers included. Tough times look increasingly likely in the year ahead. So, how should your digital communication strategy adjust to the changes?

We surveyed email senders of all kinds to find out what’s concerning them, where they plan to invest their time and efforts, and what could get cut from their communication strategies in the next year. The results paint a picture of how organizations large and small use email and other channels to keep their businesses moving – even as the global economy slows down.

Get your free copy to explore the research and analysis today. Download “Email in an evolving economy” and use it to help your team develop a plan for making the most of what’s next.


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