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Ten or so years ago, many advertisers used in-house solutions (developed internally) to send their email campaigns.This was prehistoric email marketing. It was then that numerous email sending solutions first appeared: AWeber in 1998, Emailvision in 1999, Exacttarget in 2000, Mailchimp in 2001, …

What Types of Transactional Emails Should You Develop First?

Over time, as the market became more professional, turnkey solutions became the norm. With it, problems of deliverabilty also appeared to reinforce this trend.

In spite of this, there was always a segment of the email market that avoided this logic: notification and transactional emails (see …The different types of email“)

The emergence of cloud emailing to reinforce transactional strategies

In the past several years, email marketing players became aware of the enormous potential of notification and transactional emails. Traditionally, transactional emissions were always linked to information management and mainly to CMS platforms.

But recently, several platforms like Mailjet have arrived to shatter the monotony of the transactional email market. These cloud email platforms offer a measure of professionalism in the management of deliverability, as well as greater flexibility in the integration of email (whether marketing or transactional) in different business systems.

Another advantage of cloud email platforms is that it isn’t necessary to share the bulk of one’s information with third parties. The problems of consumer information theft are regularly reported on. Cloud emailing allows you to keep your information internally and to manage its security yourself.

The return of internal solutions… with deliverability services in the cloud.

Cloud emailing is thus an opportunity to return to customized email solutions, which have the advantage of adapting to needs that are, at times, very specific, all while integrating the most modern tools in terms of deliverability:

– Priority management of email sending;

– Statistical analysis of opens, clicks…;

– Geolocation;

– Reputation monitoring;

– Processing of bounces;

– …

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