Fatima Zahra Hazzaz

// Product Marketing Manager at Mailjet

Things are about to get a lot more social! You can now connect 10 new social media channels right in the Mailjet email builder, Passport. Find your favorites, customize it, and start rolling in the likes!

Where can you find this update?

In the email editor, check the content section, our “Social Sharing” component has now been upgraded:
New Social Media Component

What can you do?

You now have many default channels that you can select and add to your social block to make it really easy for your contacts to connect with you on social media. Add as many as you want, but we usually recommend no more than 3 or 4. Less is more.
New Social Media Component

But, what about that other app?

Don’t worry – you can even upload your own icons! Forget about HTML sections and spending time creating your own icons, everything just got a whole lot easier.

    • If you want to customize the icon of a channel, no problem.
    • If you want to add a social media that is not in our database, we’ve got you.
    • If you want to add your website logo, you absolutely can.

New Social Media Component


You can choose to display text labels if you want, and customize them to make them more personal and engaging:

New Social Media Component

Ready to give this a try right away in our email builder? It’s available for all our users. Enjoy!