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Ask an email marketer: What's the optimal number of call-to-actions?

A recent study shows us that getting email call-to-actions right is one of the biggest pitfalls marketers face.

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Through a recent study, we saw that getting call-to-actions right in email campaigns is one of the biggest pitfalls marketers face. So, what is the right way to inspire click-throughs? When it comes to call-to-action (CTA) buttons in email campaigns, the magic number is one. This keeps your message concise and your recipient engaged.

However, I understand there are some exceptions. In some campaigns you’ll want to include additional links to promote a secondary or tertiary objective. In these situations, it’s key to clearly differentiate and prioritize your call-to-actions. Your primary call-to-action could take the form of an above-the-fold button  (above the line where user would need to scroll down to see rest of the email) for maximum impact. Your second or third CTAs can be links embedded within the written content or even a clickable image or banner. Get creative with your links and test them out through A/B testing.

The key takeaway here, is that no matter the number of call-to-actions you need, make sure your call-to-actions are clear and to the point.

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