Mailjet Monday: Radoslav Penchev

Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat about the new Acceptable Use Policy and BUBS with Compliance Officer and Fraud Prevention Manager, Radoslav Penchev.

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Rad is based out of Sofia and just celebrated his 6 month anniversary with Mailjet (Wish him a happy anniversary in the comments below!)

What do you do for Mailjet?

My job is to make sure all users are following internal rules and guidelines. We recently just launched an updated Acceptable Use Policy, with the help of our new friend BUBS. In order to protect senders who are following best practices and ensure a positive sending experience for them, I analyze abusive email behavior and develop processes to ensure accurate sorting of good senders from malicious senders.

My goal is to reach an end point where we have a semi-autonomous ecosystem, functioning on feedback loops. It’s a larger ongoing project which takes a lot of customer behavior tracking and analysis. I regularly look for patterns - in KPIs for example - and I’m always working out of spreadsheets and flow charts.

What does a typical day look like for you?

The first thing I do when I get to the office in the morning is look at my alpha spreadsheet. It’s a master spreadsheet of projects, to-dos and deadlines that I set for myself. I use it to set priorities for the day and then schedule alarms for the early afternoon to keep myself on track. Then I go to my inbox and have a look at support escalations and abuse reports, which are then taken over by our North American team in the afternoon, since we work to provide 24/7 coverage.

The late afternoon for me is often dedicated to ad-hoc projects, working with clients or meetings. But my day doesn’t always end in the office. I’m almost always online taking part in the fight against spam.

What’s your favorite Mailjet moment so far?

My first visit to Paris was my favorite and most memorable moment so far. It was great finally meeting everyone in person and going out to explore the city together. I can’t wait to go back again!

What do you do on time off?

I mostly read, run, listen to music or a combination of those at once. I did music production and some DJing back in college and I still produce at home and play at small venues from time to time. I listen to all types of music, but if I had to choose my favorite genre, I would say it’s something between Electronic and Hip Hop.

Where do you see the email industry going in the next few years?

Consumers are getting smarter each year. They have more ways of organizing the inbox, they know what kind of content they want to receive and are pretty well educated on what spam looks like. Email senders will have to adapt to savvier audiences by improving their mailing practices. Hopefully this will lead to better email curation, proper opt-in processes and less spam.

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