Talia Boettinger


Talia Boettinger

Talia Boettinger was a North America Marketing Assistant at Sinch Mailjet. She worked on different marketing initiatives, shared the Mailjet love on social media, and created content for the blog. She writes about email marketing tips and best practices to help senders make the most of their email strategies.

Latest stories by Talia Boettinger

Hermes and a Goddess get ready to paint

Free HTML templates: Generator of emails for your business

Creating email templates for different occasions can be a challenge, especially for non-designers...

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God with glasses drilling into hard drive with colorful background

The email infrastructure handbook: Homebuilt vs outsourced

Choosing whether to trust your homebuilt email program to handle all of your marketing and transactional email needs, or to outsource to...

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Hermes holding a big magnet

Best email marketing campaigns to get inspiration

So you’ve decided to get started on an email marketing campaign. Your computer is booted up, you’ve got your notebook opened...

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Hermes in front of a welcome screen

8 best welcome emails examples to onboard new users

A welcome email can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship – the one between your brand and...

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Hermes looks at a screen with a bin full of emails

Email list cleaning: Why and how to properly clean your email list

Spring cleaning is a drag. We get it. But just like it’s important you get rid of all those broken...

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