Emmanuel Boisgontier


Emmanuel Boisgontier

Emmanuel Boisgontier was a Customer Solutions Engineer at Sinch Mailjet. He worked with internal teams and customers to expand the Mailjet app and managed the development of our technical documentation. In the blog, Emmanuel writes about all things API.

Latest stories by Emmanuel Boisgontier

Hera giving the ideas to working Hermes

How to code a welcome email with MJML

You already know we're working on a series of tutorials to show you how to create and send awesome transactional emails step by step...

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Hermes sitting with laptop an orange sofa, Hera talking

How to code an email receipt template with MJML

We are developers, like you. And what we hate above all in coding is to repeat ourselves. So...

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Hermes and Hera working with duct tape

Send API 3.1 reaches general availability

We gave you a sneak peek a couple of months ago, but now we’re finally here. The time...

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Gods celebrating in front of balloons

Introducing new Mailjet API guides

If you’ve recently visited our Developers Hub, you may have noticed that the API guides section...

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