Increase Your Open Rates

Track your email marketing statistics

For marketers, emailing is not only about creating and sending campaigns. It’s also about tracking the campaigns’ performance, analyzing the results, and drawing conclusions to improve future sending. This is why you should closely follow your email statistics after each sending event.

This will help you better understand your email users and how they are engaging with your campaigns, so you can adjust future messages based on this analysis. For example, do subject lines with question marks generally generate higher opening rates? Or, is it better to send emails at the beginning of the week? Then integrate those trends into your email marketing strategy to consistently improve your open rates over time. 

How to analyze your campaigns’ statistics

First, you need to make sure to choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) that offers advanced statistics so you can monitor engagement data like open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, complaint rates, etc. Here are a few things to keep in mind when analyzing the performance of your email marketing campaigns:

  • It’s important to differentiate between open rates for your transactional emails (purchase confirmation, password resets, etc.) and promotional emails. By nature, transactional emails generally have higher open rates.

  • Open rates for marketing emails depends on several factors: the size of your subscriber list, how often you send messages, the industry you work in, and so forth. But on average, a good open rate is between 20% and 25%.

  • Understand where you rank amongst your competitors but, more importantly, how you rank against your own previous campaigns. This not only shows positive growth for you and your team, but Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will also recognize this growth and reward your domain reputation.


Tracking your conversion rates after each sending will help you better understand your email subscribers and improve your open rates over time, ultimately increasing the performance of your digital marketing strategy.



Pro Tip

Use A/B testing to test different versions of your email on a sample of your list and identify which one generates the highest open rates. Wait a minimum of one hour before the winning version is sent to the rest of your list to ensure you have received all the necessary stats.

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