Increase Your Click Rates

Make the most of your campaign comparison

A campaign comparison tool measures specific previous email marketing campaigns to give marketers a global picture of how they performed in comparison to each other. Comparing campaigns will help you understand which one generated the highest click rates and identify the most appealing content to engage your subscribers.

With a campaign comparison tool, you can easily compile the data to analyze trends over time, group past email campaigns together and average metrics to create benchmarks. Benchmarks act as a standard that lets you determine whether future individual campaigns are successful. A campaign comparison tool can also help you benchmark email send times and see how click rates differ between the different times of the day. 

How to compare different campaigns

With a campaign comparison feature, you’ll always be able to find the most appealing content to engage your customers’ ever-changing tastes. First, choose an email marketing solution offering such a tool, and then: 

  • Go to the campaign comparison feature of your email marketing platform and select up to 10 campaigns to compare simultaneously. 

  • Determine which part of your campaigns your customers responded positively to. The results are usually displayed in a graph and a stats table to easily let you measure response. 

  • Compare and optimize your email campaigns to get more clicks and optimize your marketing strategy.


Compare the performance of your previous campaigns to determine the most effective content to engage your audience, and efficiently increase your click rates over time.



Pro Tip

There are a variety of variables you can benchmark. Notice which customers engaged with which content and when they were most active to help inform and optimize future email campaigns.

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