Increase Your Open Rates

Make sure to find the best time to send emails

Marketers usually send their email marketing campaign at a specific time they think is best for their whole list. Instead, senders should take into account individual behaviors to define the best day and time to send their campaign to each contact. To do so, and get high open rates, you can use a Send Time Optimization (STO) tool.

Based on data gathered from billions of promotional emails, STO automatically finds the ideal send time for each and every individual on your email list at the time that they are most likely to engage with your email. With STO, your email messages are delivered at the exact time your recipients are viewing their inbox, leaving your messages top of mind. By adapting to individual usage patterns and open times, your email is more likely to show up at the top of someone’s inbox and is more likely to be engaged with.

Use a Send Time Optimization feature and significantly increase your open rates, drive more engagement by interacting with your customers on a personalized one-to-one level, and increase the ROI for your email marketing by boosting conversions effortlessly.

How to send email campaigns with Send Time Optimization

Sending emails at the best time for each of your email subscribers is key to getting the highest open rates possible and boosting your marketing strategy. Partner with an Email Solution Provider (ESP) offering a STO service, and then:

  • Send messages via an API or SMTP with Send Time Optimization enabled.

  • Let a machine-learning algorithm analyze the open and click data for each recipient to see when they’re most active in their inbox.

  • Let the sending pipeline schedule the message to be delivered at the optimal time for each contact based on inbox activity.


Campaigns sent with STO performed better than those without STO every time. Users consistently see 5-10% uplift in opens and clicks over regular methods.



Pro Tip

It’s always important to A/B test, and this is no different with Send Time Optimization (STO). A/B test your messages when using STO. Also, use unique tags for each segment, and that will allow you to analyze the data once your sends are complete.

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