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How to build your email list fast step-by-step guide

Trying to grow your email list? If you are here, it means that you have made the wise decision...

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Hermes with a sward ready to fight

Are startups ready for GDPR? We look to the numbers

It’s finally here! After several months of preparation, this week the General Data Protection...

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GDPR: How to requalify your lists and prove contacts consent?

At the time this article is being written, we are less than 10 days from the entry into force of the...

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Infographic: The psychology of color in email marketing

So you're wondering how "marketing colors" can help you convince people? We all realize that colors can have different effects on our...

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Marketers plan to shift to new marketing channels post ePrivacy

GDPR is not the only new regulation on the minds of Marketers....

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How to align website personalization with your emailing strategy

At AB Tasty, we’re big believers in the benefits of personalization for marketers - more specifically, of website personalization. Borrowing...

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GDPR in the US & Canada: How will it affect your business?

GDPR, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, comes into effect in May this year and...

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How to define a successful email marketing strategy

Whether you’re just starting with email marketing, or you are rethinking your strategy, it may seem like the list of things you need to think about is never ending...

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Hermes gives a letter to a Goddess

7 deadly email sins you need to avoid

Email is one of the most effective marketing tools. If you know how to use it right you can gain...

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Hermes and two other Gods celebrate with fireworks

Email: The Trends To Come In 2018

What email trends do we have in store for 2018? And how different will the world of email be during the next 12 months? Let's find out... Go...

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How to optimize your event email marketing campaign

For event marketers, email is an integral part of the overall strategy. In fact, studies show that...

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Hermes hiding behind Hera from three headed dogs

GDPR journal: The steps we took towards working with 3rd party providers

Welcome to the fourth instalment of the Mailjet (and my personal) GDPR Journal. So far we’ve looked at how I became a DPO, our...

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Zeus and a Goddess decorate a Christmas tree

Go all in on your transactional emails this holiday season

The holidays are a crucial time for your business. We might be approaching the most...

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A god holding a mail in front of a cell phone

Is the transactional email experience critical for customer loyalty?

All businesses are guilty of it, focusing daily on acquiring new customers, ensuring they...

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Hermes reading a book while Hera judges.

GDPR journal: Privacy matters. Really.

As our resident legal expert here at Mailjet, I set aside at least a full day each week to take care of our...

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GDPR journal: On the GDPR track, our compliance roadmap

As our resident legal expert here at Mailjet, I set aside at least a full day each week to take care of our data privacy issues...

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Hermes and Hera hanging out in the office.

GDPR journal: What I’ve learned since becoming a Data Protection Officer

I’m Darine Fayed, (Head of Legal @Mailjet, attorney practicing for more than 14 years) and I write...

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Hermes is delivering letters to a Goddess in the street

The myths of switching email service provider

Let’s take a look at the most common myths of switching email service provider and show you that the grass can be greener with Mailjet...

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Hermes and another goddess choose emoticons

Infographic: Mailjet celebrates World Emoji Day

Back in 2015, we decided to practice what we preach (or since we’re French… drink our own...

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Hermes paints a Goddess on top of pink and blue

How to improve the design of transactional email templates

Transactional emails are great to convince a user to take a specific action, but if they aren’t awesomely designed, you may miss the chance...

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Hermes is about to fall from an envelope in front of a Goddess standing on some stairs

Infographic: Rich media in email marketing

Rich media like images, GIF, cinemagraph and video add that special element of surprise to keep subscribers engaged. Discover all you need to know about it...

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Hermes reads while a Goddess delivers justice on some books

General election UK: A Mailjet scorecard

Our analysis of the direct marketing efforts of political parties exposes how campaign teams are failing to engage voters...

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