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Emailing for the banking industry: Data privacy and deliverability

Emailing has proven very effective in virtually every industry right across the board. This is especially true in the financial and governmental sector, where...

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7 little tweaks that’ll improve your email marketing’s conversion rates

We all know email is the best performing marketing channel. Check out these seven tricks to boost your email strategy and increase conversion rates...

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Email marketing trends for 2020

Here we go again: It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to look at Email Marketing Trends for 2020....

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How to embed a video in an email marketing campaigns?

The world of email marketing is changing every day, and as more and more brands recognize the...

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The MJML holiday tutorial to win at responsive email coding

The holiday season is a key period for any marketer. It’s a great time to engage with users and customers and stand out in our recipients’...

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Free HTML templates: Generator of emails for your business

Creating email templates for different occasions can be a challenge, especially for non-designers...

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Marketers opting for homebuilt tech despite strain on team

Marketers reported that, on average, they lose 13.8 hours per week on their homemade technology...

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The email infrastructure handbook: Homebuilt vs outsourced

Choosing whether to trust your homebuilt email program to handle all of your marketing and transactional email needs, or to outsource to...

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Using the Scrum framework in your email marketing teams

Let’s be honest with ourselves a little bit here. Sending email campaigns can sometimes feel like one of two fun, but strangely aggressive,...

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Understanding in-housing: Bringing marketing functions home

Understanding In-Housing: Bringing Marketing Functions Home is a research report by...

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3 ways to make email easier for WordPress users

WordPress is an online, open source tool written in PHP, designed for the creation of websites. It’s probably the easiest and...

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Best email marketing campaigns to get inspiration

So you’ve decided to get started on an email marketing campaign. Your computer is booted up, you’ve got your notebook opened...

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Branding & email marketing: How to share your brand values via email

It’s 2019 and the world of marketing seems to be in the midst of a conceptual revolution. With so many new buzzwords to learn...

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Leveraging email in your mobile app

Have you ever looked at all the apps on your phone and wondered what went into making...

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8 best welcome emails examples to onboard new users

A welcome email can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship – the one between your brand and...

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The definitive guide to A/B tests in your email marketing

We spend a lot of time on this blog discussing how you can optimize your email campaigns for your...

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The 8 steps in your email team’s campaign workflow

As email marketing campaigns are more complex, email teams becoming too. We've highlighted the keys for your email team...

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Email marketing tips for universities

Despite what you might expect from students, especially teenagers, email remains the primary channel for students researching and...

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5 ways retail brands can amp up their marketing in 2019

The internet has been transforming the retail world by continuously coming up with new ways...

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Best email marketing software comparison

Looking for which email marketing software to choose but don’t know where to start? Whether...

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The 5 people you’ll need on your email team

Email marketing is increasingly becoming a team sport as email has shifted from plain text...

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Email blast: 4 tips to send better email campaigns

An email blast is bad. There, we said it. Email campaigns should never be unsolicited, but helpful and responsive...

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Can email marketing still drive high engagement?

Lately, some businesses have been navigating the same questions when it comes to their

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