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Miles DePaul

Miles DePaul was the North America Marketing Manager at Sinch Mailjet. He's a seasoned marketer with a many years of experience B2B SaaS companies and managed all of Mailjet's marketing initiatives in North America. In the blog, he writes about tips and best practices to help senders take their email strategies to the next level.

Latest stories by Miles DePaul

Hermes and a Goddess sort out figures in front of a wall being painted

How to embed a video in an email marketing campaign

The world of email marketing is changing every day, and as more and more brands recognize the...

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Hermes and a Goddess rehearse in front of people

Using the Scrum framework in your email marketing teams

Let’s be honest with ourselves a little bit here. Sending email campaigns can sometimes feel like one of two fun, but strangely aggressive,...

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Hermes points to rocket, Hera takes notes

Leveraging email in your mobile app

Have you ever looked at all the apps on your phone and wondered what went into making...

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god showing a screen to his colleagues

The 8 steps in your email team’s campaign workflow

As email marketing campaigns are more complex, email teams becoming too. We've highlighted the keys for your email team...

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Hermes holding a big magnet

Email marketing tips for universities

Despite what you might expect from students, especially teenagers, email remains the primary channel for students researching and...

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Gods having coffee outside

2018’s best podcast episodes for email marketers

In an age of tweets, memes and fast fact overload, there’s something refreshing about...

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Hermes choosing the team

The 5 people you’ll need on your email team

Email marketing is increasingly becoming a team sport as email has shifted from plain text...

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Hermes and two goddesses hang up some spheres in front of a mug

Top 5 online collaboration tools for teams

One of the exciting parts about Mailjet is the fact that everyday we get to work with colleagues all around the world, from Ho Chi Minh, to...

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Hermes writing in front of mobile screen

How email can make up for declining organic Facebook reach

If you’re like 55% of marketers, you have seen a significant decrease in your Facebook page’s engagement...

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Hermes and a Goddess deliver mail to two old postboxes

Why we trust Google Cloud Platform to help deliver your emails

This blog devotes a lot of time to telling you about our product features, our services, and our tools to improve your deliverability. In short...

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Hermes sitting on books while reading

GDPR in the US & Canada: How will it affect your business?

GDPR, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, comes into effect in May this year and...

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