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John W. Hayes

Marketing expert and collaborator of Sinch Mailjet

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A Greek god and goddess standing in front of some paint buckets

Key parts of every email campaign

Like a high-powered rocket designed to propel your business toward profitability, an email marketing campaign comprises multiple moving parts. These essential components create an opportunity to connect with your subscribers and win positive engagement. However...

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Greek gods with a sign up form template

How to create an email list signup form

Your email list signup form is the foundation for everything you do as an email marketer. Without a carefully collated and well-maintained email list, it doesn't matter how sophisticated your email campaigns are. If you are not targeting the right people (or...

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Two Greek goddesses in an art gallery

10 newsletter signup form examples that drive conversions

No matter how you drive traffic to your website, converting fleeting online visitors to more loyal and potentially profitable email subscribers should be a priority for any online marketer. This process starts with having a great email newsletter signup form to capture...

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