Gregory Betton


Grégory Betton

Developer Evangelist at Mailjet by Sinch

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Hermes delivering box with mail to Hera

Meet our brand new Send API

We’re an email company. Our core business is to help you send beautiful, responsive emails at...

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Hermes reading to rubber duck

Do you speak C#? Now, we do!

Are you a C# developer? .NET has no secrets for you? This announcement will please you! To help you leverage Mailjet APIs’ programmatic power for all...

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3 gods celebrating with pink doughnuts

Join the party: MJML just turned one

Back in the day, email coding was such a nightmare… And then, one year ago, MJML...

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Hermes filling up a mailbox

How to boost transactional email with our transactional suite

We all know how transactional email is important. Have you ever written a transactional email...

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