Gabriela Gavrailova


Gabriela Gavrailova

Gabriela Gavrailova was a Technical Content Writer at Sinch Mailjet. She worked with the developer community and shared tricks, and hacks to help developers integrating email into their apps and products make the most of this channel.

Latest stories by Gabriela Gavrailova

Hermes and two goddesses hang up some spheres in front of a painter

Big Data: What is it and how does it work?

More and more data is being created every day. We are storing more information for each person, and we are...

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A masked Hermes is doing something evil with email

What is phishing?

Even though technical security measures are improving constantly, phishing remains one of...

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Hermes working on some code and a Goddess bringing supplies

How to prepare your infrastructure for Black Friday

More and more customers prefer online shopping to grab the best deal on Black Friday. It is so much easier to get your Christmas...

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Hermes pushing a puzzle piece

Use Mailjet’s webhook notifications with Segment

What better way to understand your customers but a really powerful Customer Relationship...

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Hermes and Hera working on mechanism

How to target the right people with segmentation via Mailjet’s API

Do you want to increase your email open rates, boost your click rates, and decrease your unsubscribe...

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Hermes and Hera codding

Use Mailjet’s API with Postman

Developers are always searching for new and better applications, libraries, integrations, and ways to work. This is why each developer has...

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Gods putting together puzzle in from of the colourful balloons

3 ways to make email easier for WordPress users

WordPress is an online, open source tool written in PHP, designed for the creation of websites. It’s probably the easiest and...

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Hermes is floating with a picture in front of a screen

Preview your transactional email templates with real values

You already created the perfect transactional email with all the variables and loops you need, but...

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Hermes and a Goddess agree in front of a phone

Contact Form 7 is now available on Mailjet’s WordPress plugin

Do you use WordPress? If so, we’ve got news. Big news. The best news...

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god with yellow note cards

Advanced email personalization using Mailjet’s API

In our previous post in this series we explained what personalization is and provided some useful tips on how and when to best add...

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Hermes holds an email in front of the laptop screen

How to personalize your emails with Mailjet

Email personalization is a tactic used by a lot of brands today, but frankly not enough...

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Hermes delivering letter over the desk

How to set up template error management and why we need it

Testing your email templates is tough. Who wants to be checking thousands of code lines for 50 different templates?...

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