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Hermes confused

Introducing Dcodrr by Mailjet. Let’s eradicate buzzwords together.

Update: Although the Mailjet Crew feels strongly about eradicating buzzwords, Dcodrr isn’t a...

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Mailjet Monday: Amir Jirbandey

This Monday, we sat down to chat with Amir Jirbandey, our Inbound Marketing Lead in the UK...

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Hermes and a Goddess in front of a mobile phone in the city

Let’s be friends: Integrating email and social media

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email … the list goes on. There are so many channels to manage and keep track of these days,...

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Lighting up smiles with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Back in December, our NYC-based Developer Evangelist Tyler Nappy created the Email Controlled Christmas Tree. To extend the reach...

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5 ways to add a personal touch when communicating with customers

This post was first published as a lesson on FrontApp's course...

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Why it’s important to start global

Ever play the board game Risk? There was a period in my teens where my friends and I played...

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Mailjet Monday: Arnaud Breton

This week, we sat down to chat with Arnaud Breton, who is based in Paris and leads our Developer Evangelist team...

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Mailjet joins M3AAWG

At Mailjet, we take pride in being spam crusaders, in spreading the word about ways to send better email...

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5 times email would have saved the day in romantic movies

Romance movies. It’s a love/hate relationship. One moment they have you laughing and in the...

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In 2015, email marketers resolve to...

A few weeks ago, we asked some of you what you’d like to change or improve in email sending...

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Hera and Hermes sitting on a sofa with a cat

Mailjet Monday: Radoslav Penchev

Happy Monday! This week, we sat down to chat about the new Sending Policy and BUBS with Compliance Officer and...

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Hermes and Hera in front of the desktop graphics

January blues: Declining open rates and what to do about them

It could be that it’s one of the colder months of the year (in the northern hemisphere), or that we’re just coming off the holiday season...

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