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Send Lifecycle Email Campaigns

Send an email feedback request to unhappy customers

While you should focus a lot of your efforts on your loyal and happy customers, you must also take care of your clients who are less satisfied with your products and services. There are different KPIs to measure customer satisfaction, and NPS – considered by many to be the most valuable customer service metric – is one of them.

The NPS, or "Net Promoter Score", is used to evaluate customer satisfaction in the form of a recommendation score. The customers rate (on a scale of 0 to 10) their likelihood to recommend a brand or a product/service to a friend or colleague. Depending on the score given by the client, the customer is classified into one of these 3 categories: promoter (score of 9 or 10), passive (7 or 8), or detractor (0 to 6).

Reaching out to low NPS score customers will help you collect actionable feedback to better understand your pain points and improve your sales and marketing strategy. It’s also a great way to show your customers that you value their opinion. 

How to send a good customer feedback request

Here’s some best practices to use when sending a request email to those customers:

  • Define the goal you want to achieve when following up on NPS feedback. For example, do you want them to give more insights about their feedback via email, or to find out more about who else they would recommend in the industry?

  • Make sure to let your customers know why you’re reaching out to them and why it’s important for you to learn more about their score. It’s your chance to highlight that you care deeply about what they think. 

  • Design a simple email marketing with a clear call-to-action (CTA) based on your objective to improve your conversion rate. Getting rid of unnecessary elements will help you collect additional feedback more efficiently. 

  • Personalize your emails by, for example, adding more information about the contacts and their score in order to make them feel valued and to increase your response rates.

  • Consider offering an incentive in your email, like a discount or a special offer. Not only that will encourage customer participation, but it can also help improve the perception they have of your brand.


Because one out of three customers leave a company after just one poor experience, and 91% after two or three, you must learn from your mistakes to keep your customers around.



Pro Tip

Never ignore unhappy customers. Not only can they bring your profits down, but they can also damage your brand image and help the competition. Use customers that express their dissatisfaction as an opportunity for you to improve your business.

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