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Implement email address validation at point of collection

Use a real-time email validation tool to catch bad addresses when a customer is filling out a form and make sure each subscriber on your mailing list has a valid email address before you send email campaigns.

Using a good email verification process wherever you collect email addresses will help optimize your sender reputation and the deliverability rate of your marketing campaigns. It will also increase the engagement levels of your subscribers and the return on investment of your email marketing strategy. With email validation, you won’t waste your budget on email addresses that don’t exist. 

By embedding an email validation API in your sign up pages or form submissions, you only let valid email entries advance through your flow, get smart suggestions for common typos, prevent disposable addresses and protect against bot attacks, and ensure accuracy with checks done against the mailbox provider themselves.

How does an email validation API work

It’s pretty technical, but here’s how email validation functions:

  • The API endpoint is an email address validation service. It will validate the given address based on: mailbox detection, syntax checks (RFC defined grammar), DNS validation, spell checks and ESP specific local-part grammar (if available).

  • Email validation service is intended to validate email addresses submitted through forms like newsletters, online registrations and shopping carts.

  • Different email validation rates are given based on the API endpoint. Both the public and private API endpoints are limited to a burst-per-minute rate. The public endpoints have a default limit of calls per month. This can be changed to prevent abuse of the public API key. We encourage the use of private API endpoints for email validation, and there is no limit past the initial burst per minute rate. We highly suggest that you use the private key whenever possible.


Customers who validate email addresses before they send have a 21% lower bounce rate, which drastically improves their inbox placement.



Pro Tip

The easiest way to build a list and verify emails at the same time is through a web form. When combined with an email validation tool, it will prevent users from entering invalid email addresses or addresses for spam traps and disposable mailboxes.

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