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Increase Your Open Rates

Gain trust with recognizable email sender information

Marketers need to know that trusting the sender is one of the most important factors in whether an email is opened or not by subscribers. This is why it's critical to choose a recognizable and trustworthy "From" name and address when sending your email marketing campaigns and transactional messages.

Note that some Email Service Providers (ESPs) will give you the opportunity to set up a “Reply to” email address that differs from the “From” one. So, even if you can use only one return address for practical matters, you can still make sure to display nice sender information in your recipients’ inbox. 

How to define great email sender information

Now that we’ve mentioned the importance of sender names, here is what to keep in mind when defining yours:

  • Avoid generic and free webmail addresses such as or Also note that using free webmail accounts (like Google, Yahoo!, and Outlook) is also not recommended. SPF & DKIM authentication can’t be done with those, which hurts your deliverability capacity.

  • Don’t use no-reply addresses for your emailings. Certain Internet Service Provider (ISPs) settings are set up to send noreply email messages to the junk folder. But more importantly, no-reply addresses can hurt your customer experience as you make them think that you are not willing to listen to them. Instead, show your email list that you are open to discussions.

  • Keep the same sender address and name from one email sending to another in order to build trust and avoid confusion. This will also help build a connection and strengthen your relationship over time.


For 88.7% of users, recognizing the sender is the most important factor in determining whether or not to open an email.



Pro Tip

Even if discounts may compel people to sign up for an email, personalized content and a recognizable sender are what drive them to open and remain engaged over time.

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