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Create and share a specific subscription landing page

A great practice for collecting email addresses is to add subscription forms and pop-ups across your website. However, if you want to encourage users to subscribe to your newsletter via other channels you should also consider having a dedicated subscription landing page to redirect people to. The goal of a subscription landing page is to encourage users to take only one specific action: sign up for your newsletter.

For example, if you’re promoting your email campaigns in physical shops or at events, you could encourage people to sign up via your landing page opened on a tablet. You could also include a link to this landing page on some of your social media publications, or at the end of a guest post for an external blog.

How to create a high-performing subscription landing page

Here are some steps to follow on how to create a landing page and effectively convert visitors:

  • Choose a dedicated tool, such as Sinch Mailjet’s landing page builder, to easily create a customizable landing page via a drag-and-drop template without having to code or to add anything to your website.

  • Design your lead capture landing page so it fits with your website graphic guidelines. The look and feel of the landing page design should be similar to your site to gain users’ trust. Also, make sure the design is responsive, so it displays correctly on different devices.

  • Add a convincing messaging, a simple form, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) button. Your user should immediately know what to do on the page and have no other option than to undertake the expected subscription action.

  • Just as you do for email marketing, experiment with some A/B tests on your landing page. Create different versions of your page and implement the winning version in order to optimize the conversion rate. Keep in mind that you should only test one element at a time (for example, the design of your CTA button) to analyze what’s impacting the results. Always remember that A/B testing is key for result optimization.


Creating and optimizing a subscription landing page will help you efficiently convert people into new email subscribers to your mailing list across different channels.



Pro Tip

Make sure to clearly display the benefits of your newsletter within your subscription landing page. You can also consider offering an incentive, such as an exclusive discount, for all new subscribers in order to better convince them.

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