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Improve Your Email Design

Create a library of email components

Components libraries are commonly used by marketers for web design. However, it’s also very useful to create a library of components for your email campaigns. Email components are the different sections that make up your messages. A component can be the header or the call-to-action buttons, for example.

Once you have created your library, you can design all your emails with those components knowing that they will respect your brand design guidelines. This will also allow you to test your entire library to guarantee that any email created with those components will be displayed correctly. Also, this will help you test different layouts more quickly, either when creating new email messages or running A/B tests on existing emails. 

How to create a library of email components

Make sure to use an emailing solution offering the possibility to create a components library, (like one with a saved sections feature) and then:

  • Go to the “Saved sections” page and create a new section. Add the name and description that fit best to this section. 

  • Design the section of your choice based on your brand guidelines (colours, fonts…). For example, it can be the header, footer, or any key section of your email campaigns. 

  • Test the rendering of the section to make sure it will be properly displayed on both mobile and desktop devices. 

  • Save and publish your section into your library where you can access at any time when designing your emails.


Using a library of components will help improve your brand consistency, reduce display errors, and save you time when designing emails for your subscribers.



Pro Tip

Link your saved sections across your different email templates. This way, when you edit and publish changes to your saved sections, your client will automatically update all templates they are linked to with a single push of a button.

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