Easily Automate Your Email With Our Predefined Scenarios

Gone are the days when automating an email strategy was for large companies with big budgets and a dedicated team. Our drag and drop tool makes it easy to create automated scenarios. Create a trigger, add your emails, define delays between each… And you’re good to go!

Welcome your users properly

Send your customers an email as soon as they subscribe to a contact list, help them onboard easily or take this opportunity to let them know the latest news regarding your product or business. To send them relevant messages, refine your targeting using segments based on your contacts’ profile, location or behaviour.

A mockup of responsive, impactful emails on every device.
A mockup of beautiful, responsive emails.

React to your contacts' property updates

Send automated emails based on customer interactions (last purchase, loyalty status, etc.). As soon as one of your contact's strategic properties is updated, send them an email about it and let them know that you care. Make sure that the data you want to use to trigger your automated emails is updated on a regular basis, either thanks to our API or through periodic imports of CSV files. Engage better with your customers.

Intuitive Email Editor

Our drag and drop intuitive editor, Email Editor, lets you design impactful automated emails in seconds. You can utilize Email Editor to design any kind of message. Choose from our email template library or create your own in a few clicks.

Mailjet's email editor improves your campaigns over time.

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