Improve Your Deliverability

Pre-test your campaigns with an inbox placement tool

While marketers can easily get insights from their Email Service Providers (ESPs) about whether their email was delivered or not, it’s more difficult to know whether an email will land in the inbox, the spam folder, or a specific tab within Gmail or other mailbox providers. With an inbox placement tool, you can predict inbox deliverability issues and take action to improve performance before sending an email.

You’ll see the most accurate information on where you are performing well and which mailbox providers to focus your optimization efforts on. For example, you can learn if you need to tweak your subject line, or if there are other factors to consider, such as your sender reputation or your email content. Diagnosing these issues will significantly improve your email delivery before you send an email campaign.

How does an inbox placement tool work

As a proactive tool, inbox placement helps you increase the deliverability rate and, ultimately, the ROI of your email program. Here is some more information about how it works:

  • Inbox placement provides an easy way to test an email’s deliverability before sending your campaign, or for understanding where your emails are landing over time (inbox, junk folder…). This way, you don’t waste time and money if your campaign isn’t likely to make it to a subscriber’s inbox. 

  • Inbox placement utilizes a mechanism known as seed testing to provide visibility into where emails are landing. A test email is sent to a “seed list”, or a list of mailbox accounts with the diversity of mailbox providers in the market. Then, you can view placement testing results as a whole, by mailbox, or by inbox service provider (like Google, Outlook, Yahoo!, AOL, etc.) to understand how your email may perform.

  • Finally, you can get expert insights to improve your deliverability. Inbox placement delivers on actionable insights by providing expert recommendations on how to improve overall deliverability.


With inbox placement, find out definitively if you’re reaching the inbox and what may be causing conversion issues so you can drastically improve your deliverability rate.



Pro Tip

Mailbox providers have routing and filtering algorithms that determine where they place accepted emails, and each mailbox provider has a different proprietary algorithm. Gaining valuable insights will help you optimize and make the most of your marketing budget.

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