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Fundamentals of Email Deliverability

3h30m - Operations
Learn how an email is sent; the difference between email streams and their functions. Understand and assimilate the basics of email deliverability, good sending practices and main reputation indicators.

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Mastering Marketing Emails in Mailjet

3h30m - Operations
Discover the basics of emailing, understand how to navigate from the Mailjet user interface, learn how to build and send a Marketing campaign.

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Email Design Essentials

3h30m - Graphic Designers, Content Marketers
Understand the importance of responsive design in sending email campaigns, learn how to build and send a responsive design email thanks to the Passport editor when sending an emailing campaign and master its different possibilities.

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Unlocking Productivity for Teams

2h - Managers, Operations
Understand how to setup a Mailjet account for differents users with several kind of permissions. Learn all the possibilities for your team to work together to be more efficient and productive by using the template editor.

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