Mailjet and Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales management tool built by salespeople for salespeople. Connect Pipedrive and Mailjet via Zapier to automate your sales and marketing workflows.

  • Overview

    Connect Pipedrive and Mailjet via Zapier to automate your sales and marketing workflows. With Zapier you can setup up workflows ranging from basic contact synchronization to event-triggered personalized Mailjet emails.

    • Synchronize Contacts

      Catch your leads’ eye by targeting them with the right personalized email at the right moment.

    • Send Emails That Convert

      Save time on administrative tasks and focus on activities that help close more deals by automating contact synchronization between Pipedrive and Mailjet.

    • Boost Instant Productivity

      By automating your sales and email marketing workflow, the Pipedrive x Mailjet integration will improve your team’s performance and help make sure that no leads fall through the cracks.

  • Features

    • Automatically sync your contacts

    • Send personalized emails at the right moment

    • Automate your sales

    • Automate your email marketing workflow

    • Improve your team’s performance

    • Get all the power of Mailjet

     You can customize this integration with Triggers and Actions, including:



    Organization Matching Filter – when an organization matches a Pipedrive filter.

    Update Person – an existing person in Pipedrive

    New Deal – when a new deal is created in Pipedrive

    Create Person – in Pipedrive .

    Person Matching Filter – when a person matches a Pipedrive filter.

    Attach File – Uploads a file and attaches it to a deal, person, organization, activity, product or note in Pipedrive

    Deal Matching Filter – when a deal matches a Pipedrive filter.

    Create Note – in Pipedrive

    Updated Organization – when an existing organization is updated in Pipedrive

    Create Deal – in Pipedrive .

    Updated Deal – when an existing deal is updated in Pipedrive

    Update Organization – in Pipedrive

    New Organization – when a new organization is created in Pipedrive

    Create Organization – in Pipedrive

    New Person – when a new person is created in Pipedrive

    Update Deal – an existing deal in Pipedrive

    New Note – when a new note is created in Pipedrive

    Add Follower – to a deal, organization, person or product in Pipedrive

    Activity Matching Filter – when an activity matches a Pipedrive filter.

    Add Product to Deal – in Pipedrive .

    New Activity – when a new activity is created in Pipedrive

    Create Product – in Pipedrive

    Updated Person – when an existing person is updated in Pipedrive

    Create Activity – in Pipedrive

    New Parse API Inbound Email – when a new email is sent to your Mailjet Parse API email address.

    Unsubscribe Contact From Mailjet List

    New Email Event – when an event occurs with a Mailjet contact

    Send Plain Text Email – through your Mailjet account with plain text content.

    New Unsubscribe – when a user unsubscribes from a certain contacts list in Mailjet

    Subscribe Contact to Mailjet List

    Update Contact Properties – in real time the Contact Properties of a Contact in your Mailjet account.

    Send Email Using a Mailjet Template

    Send HTML Email – through your Mailjet account

    Send an Email Campaign to a List – through your Mailjet account

    Manage your contact lists without worrying about global data privacy regulations or data security. Mailjet is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified, meaning that it guarantees an optimal level of email data privacy and security.

  • Installations

    Connect Mailjet to Pipedrive without any programming skills. Enjoy the benefits of workflow automation:

    • Step 1: Connect your Mailjet and Pipedrive accounts in Zapier.


    • Step 2: Create the Mailjet & Pipedrive integration in minutes: simply choose Triggers from Mailjet and actions from Pipedrive or vice versa


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Pipedrive and Mailjet Integration






A Mailjet account

A Zapier account




Need help getting started? Check out the complete Mailjet x Pipedrive Integration User Guide.

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