Mailjet and Personizely

Personizely is a conversion marketing toolkit used to make the most of every website visitor.

  • Overview

    Personizely, a conversion marketing toolkit, helps you convert website visitors into email subscribers. Personalize your website pages using advanced targeting, and capture visitors’ emails with well-timed and engaging widgets. Then, use timed promotions and exit intent offers to convert your prospects into customers. After the initial conversion, you can use Personizely to reward your loyal customers with customized promotions or exclusive content. Personizely also helps you keep track of your clients and subscribers by sending their contact information from your widgets directly to Mailjet.

    • Build responsive and highly engaging website widgets.

    • Leverage a vast variety of targeting options to deliver the right message to the right visitor.

    • Detect your visitors’ behavior and use smart triggers to always display the right campaign to the right person at the right time.

    • 20+ ready-to-use templates.

  • Features


    • Newsletter subscription widgets allow you to get creative when converting your visitors into subscribers.

    • Lead generation solutions allow you to capture potential customers’ emails using list-building popups.

    • Identify visitors arriving at your site from newsletter campaigns and promote relevant offers to them from the start. 

    • A/B Test content and design variations to find the version that resonates best with visitors and continually optimize your website experience with data-backed decisions.

    • Advanced targeting rules allow you to deliver personalized messages and offers to each visitor, by creating specific audience segments based on attributes such as the source of traffic, device type, session history, geolocation, and many others.

    • Monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger a message exactly when they take a specific action.

  • Installations

    You can access the installation guide here.

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