The omnichannel hero’s journey

Aligning customer communication with the right story


In this ebook, you will find:

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    What Luke Skywalker has in common with your customers and subscribers. 

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    Reasons why your brand needs to pursue an omnichannel approach to customer communications. 

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    Secrets of a timeless storytelling framework that will help you build customer-centric brand experiences. 

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    Insights into email marketing's crucial role in the future of omnichannel communications. 

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    Eye-opening examples of how to engage with customers in their everyday lives and on the channels they prefer to use.

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Help your heroes find their way

What can Star Wars, Harry Potter, and countless other stories tell us about customer communication strategies? As it turns out, many of your favorite stories hold powerful secrets that can help you connect with your target audience.

In a world full of digital distractions, the brands that are able to effectively move people along a cohesive customer journey stand the best chance of earning attention, sales, and loyalty. But first… you’ve got to get your story straight. The customer is the hero. So, what kind of role do brands play along the way?

In this new ebook, we’ll explore the intersection of the customer journey and the hero’s journey. You’ll meet a young couple facing a major life change, and discover how omnichannel communication guides them through their story towards a happy ending.

Start your adventure with omnichannel communications. Get a free copy of “The omnichannel hero’s journey from Sinch Mailjet right now.

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