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UpToPar sends emails 3x faster with Mailjet

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UpToPar sends emails 3x faster with Mailjet

UpToPar manages the marketing for resorts, hotels, and golf courses all across the United States. To help optimize their service, UpToPar conducted a review of their time and found, on average, that the team spends 18 hours per week on email. With a growing base of clients, and time (as always) a fleeting resource, UpToPar decided to make the switch to a much faster and more team-friendly email service provider. The answer to their problem was Mailjet. After switching to Mailjet, UpToPar conducted another review of their time spent on email campaigns. Today they have reduced time spent on campaigns by 66%, with email managers spending no more than 6 hours per week on email campaigns. From a financial perspective, the amount of time they save every year by using Mailjet amounts to $12,480 in savings from their team’s time alone. Download the PDF to learn how UpToPar has implemented their new email program with the help of Mailjet.

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“Not only did we achieve cost savings with a better system, our department is now more efficient than ever. A good example of these changes is that we were able to gain 2 properties and complete 2 consulting contracts with the same staff because of the efficiency achieved. Now that we’re with Mailjet, it takes less than half the time to build campaigns.”

Case Study Quote Author

Natalia Contreras

Director of Marketing - UpToPar Management

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