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Add social media buttons in your emails

It is now very common for businesses to have a social presence, like a Facebook page for example. Whether you use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or Instagram, you want to be driving people to your social content on a regular basis.

Adding social media icons to your emails is a great way to increase your email conversion rates and get new social followers, as it offers your subscribers a different way to connect with your brand. But unless the specific goal of your email is to drive people to your social networks, these social media buttons should serve as a secondary action for your contacts to take.

How to connect emails and social media channels

First, choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) with an advanced drag-and-drop email builder, offering the possibility to easily add social media buttons to your email campaigns. Then, check the following ways you can apply to get email marketing and social media integrated for maximum efficacy:

  • Don't only integrate a tiny Twitter or Facebook icon. Say it proudly, personalizing the icon and label of each social media page to make them more engaging. 

  • Not all subscribers know what action you’re inviting them to take when they come across the social icons on an email. Tell them exactly what you want them to do.

  • You can send a dedicated email message specific to one social platform. For instance, you can tell subscribers why they should like your page on Facebook.

  • Provide an incentive to give your recipients a good reason to share and connect. People respond better when they know they have something to gain.


Combining your email marketing and social media strategies can go a long way in increasing your email conversion rate and better connecting with your audience.



Pro Tip

Within your email, customize the icon and the label for each social media link, in order to make them more personal and engaging.

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