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Maintain brand consistency across your emails

For marketers, brand consistency is the practice of always delivering messages and designs that are in line with the identity and values of the brand. Keeping consistency across channels (website, social media, email campaigns....) will help build trust and loyalty with customers.

Brand consistency is important because people prefer to interact with brands they know and can easily identify. When opening your emails, your contacts must be able to immediately recognize your brand characteristics (in terms of messaging, design elements, etc.) in order to trust your content and feel confident enough to click your emails. 

How to maintain a consistent brand in your emails

By offering a consistent brand experience, including through your email, your target audience will trust you more easily. Here’s some tips to maintain a consistent branding: 

  • Branding guidelines should be part of any digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t done it already, build some brand guidelines to ensure that every asset or marketing material that is created is consistent with your brand identity, your brand messages, and your brand style. 

  • When it comes to email, make sure your brand voice can be easily recognised by your email subscribers. The tone can be adapted, but the voice of your brand must always remain the same everywhere. If you use web fonts, have a fallback web safe font in place for email clients that don’t support web fonts. This will help ensure your email rendering is close to what you want. Also, make sure that the images and color scheme respect your style guide. 

  • If you’re working as part of a team, it can be even more of a challenge to keep branding consistent. Choose an Email Service Provider (ESP) that offers the possibility to lock sections so that they will remain consistent from one email to the next, and ensure all emails sent are approved by a manager by restricting users from publishing without permission.


If your brand is consistent across all of your channels, you could see a 23% increase in revenue.



Pro Tip

Save your favourite email sections in your library, and link those saved sections to email templates so you can apply any changes you make in those sections to all linked templates with a single click.

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