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Marketing Automation SaaS

Webmecanik is an open source marketing automation software editor. Two packages tailored to your needs, agency or business.

Annecy, France

2 million emails per month

Webmecanik offers the first SaaS marketing automation solution using open-source technology.

This solution makes it possible to automate marketing and sales actions for a company’s current and prospective customers through multiple channels, including email. The process is achieved by using automated workflows: the action of a customer (page visit, download of a document, etc.) triggers a particular action (add the contact to a list, send a marketing email, notifications, etc.).

More than 300 clients trust Webmecanik, including Darty, Renault Sport, and T-Systems.

Webmecanik’s messages are sent to customers through different channels: social media, Web notifications, text messages, etc. However, the main mode of communication is still email. As such, Webmecanik needed a strong partner to handle the sending of its clients’ emails, ensuring high-quality routing and an excellent delivery rate.


J!NX is an online clothing brand for gamers.

North America

J!NX sends between 3 and 5 million emails per month.


J!NX is an ecommerce fashion brand heavily influenced by the gaming industry, appealing to gamers, geeks, nerds and the like with its quirky clothing. As with any ecommerce business, acquiring new and retaining existing customers is at the core of J!NX’s business, and powerful responsive emails are key to that. Whether it be beautifully crafted marketing emails, or informative, yet dynamic transactional messages, email is vital for any ecommerce business.   Prior to Mailjet, J!NX were not able to extend their brand voice to their email templates and their previous email solution prevented J!NX from sending responsive emails with ease. The J!NX team was forced to code its own emails to ensure the design was responsive across devices and screens.   With Mailjet, J!NX found the email solution they needed to ensure that the J!NX newsletter is an extension of their beautiful website. Mailjet’s drag-and-drop editor, Passport, removes the pain of coding responsive emails. J!NX’s designers can now use the time they once spent coding emails to build great, on-brand, gif-filled email templates with ease that truly reflect the J!NX brand.   Download the success story to discover how Mailjet could help you too, as well as the future vision for the Mailjet/J!NX partnership.

Education and Training Services is a site where users can find the information they’re looking for about educational and training courses offered by schools, academies, universities and training centres by using its powerful search engine, which enables them to filter results by keywords, area or category.


+10% improvement in client conversion rate. Sending 30Million emails per year

Aprendemas is a site where users can find the information they’re looking for about educational and training courses offered by schools, academies, universities and training centres by using its powerful search engine, which enables them to filter results by keywords, area or category. The aim of the site’s partnership with Mailjet is to communicate information to its users about the latest courses and scholarships via email, in order to help them find the best places - from both a personal and professional perspective - for their learning and development. Discover the success story...

Event Management / Software

Lyyti is a Finnish founded event management solution that takes care of invitations and registrations, enabling their customers to focus on their event goals, whilst they do the hard work - capturing the target audience’s attention.

Finland, Europe


Lyyti Partners With Mailjet To Reach The Inbox

Lyyti partnered with Mailjet, as they were looking for a true partner for email - one which could support them with deliverability and help them reach the inbox.   By partnering with Mailjet, Lyyti ticked all their requirement boxes with one provider: deliverability, great customer service and a European provider. By utilizing the Mailjet API, Lyyti ensures both their customers’ marketing and transactional emails swiftly reach the inboxes of the right people.   “Unlike our previous email service providers, Mailjet has helped us to solve all our email issues. They provide excellent service with delivery analytics and help us to troubleshoot any issues that we may have. We love their proactive and professional approach. Mailjet successfully handles our issues with priority, with our business in mind. Juho Harmaa, CCO, Lyyti.


happn is the first 100% mobile, geo-localized and real-time dating app, which allows its users to find people that they have crossed paths with and would like to meet.

Paris, France


Happn Partners With Mailjet For Seamless Collaboration Between Developer And Marketing Teams

Since its creation, happn has prioritized its client relationship and implemented its CRM strategy via 2 channels: mobile (push and in-app notifications) and email, supported by a social media strategy. Although social is the main method of engagement, email is no less important due to its ability to reach a significant portion of the membership base and the fact that it helps to build a real emotional attachment to the brand by capitalizing on the engagement and interaction with users.   Sending newsletters is the simplest and most direct method for staying in contact with our users. We put these newsletters together using the design tools available in the Mailjet application, which are very easy to use. The design and organization of messages can be done in a few clicks. It is particularly important for us because we operate in around thirty countries today and for this reason we communicate in more than 15 languages, all while maintaining a coherent design and conforming to our graphics chart in each of our emails, as this is an essential point in our marketing strategy and in conquering new markets.” - Sandra Laroche, CRM Manager, Happn.   Thanks to Mailjet, happn has been able to expand their activity well beyond the borders of France, allowing users worldwide to benefit from their services. The company does not intend to stop there; they expect to launch automated campaigns in 2017 and also to integrate dynamic variables into their messages in order to be more relevant by personalizing even further.


The German-American joint venture Rodale-Motor-Presse markets the successful Men’s Health, Women’s Health and RUNNER’S WORLD magazines.

Hamburg, Germany

Rodale Motor Presse

Successful Email Marketing For Online Fitness Programmes And Apps

In 2017, sending newsletters is no longer enough. These days, customers expect to be addressed personally with individual offers, across multiple channels. Together with Mailjet, Rodale-Motor-Presse is providing individual, yet simultaneously automated customer communication via in-app email, thereby ensuring improved customer loyalty. The German-American joint venture Rodale-Motor-Presse markets the successful Men’s Health, Women’s Health and RUNNER’S WORLD magazines. With sites in Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Spain, the publisher has a worldwide presence. Various fitness programmes and apps supplement the online offering and are opening up new target customer groups of tech-savvy (recreational) sportsmen and women. In Mailjet, Rodale-Motor-Presse has found an ESP, which is able to meet all of these challenges through Mailjet's strong APIs. With the aid of various APIs, Rodale-Motor-Presse is able to easily set up the entire dispatch process. With the support of Mailjet’s Compliance Team, EU data protection regulations are met - Mailjet achieves a high level of deliverability for all outgoing emails.

Travel in style

Travel doesn’t always start with packing, it starts with discovering the next destination in the inbox. From targeted emails, that promote destinations and last-minute deals, to hotel booking receipts, plane and train tickets or last-minute updates on the journey, how you communicate can enhance the customer experience.


Unsheeping Partners With Mailjet To Ensure High-Level Deliverability That Scales

The way the system works is simple: future travellers book their hotels directly through the UnSheeping website or mobile app, which then provides the user with a guide to leisure establishments and options that are accessible through the application. Each time the tourists spends money in these establishments, they accumulate a balance that, at the end of the journey, will be converted into a discount that may reach 100% of the total price of the hotel room. For UnSheeping, emails are a fundamental part of their business model. Given that users make their bookings through the website or the app, the email indicating a successful transaction is integral for the company to work successfully. In addition to this, UnSheeping’s success and growth is closely linked to the use of marketing emails and automation, which enables the company to publicise, confirm and win the loyalty of its customers with appropriate messages. UnSheeping’s emailing strategy is currently in a phase of expansion, so finding the ideal partner was also an investment for the future. In this case, it is not just a question of working with a solution that can meet present requirements, but finding one that can grow with the business, given that our next objectives are to expand to major cities all over the world, such as Madrid, Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Shanghai and New York, with a view to becoming tourists’ favourite method of booking on a worldwide scale.

Service is a service that enables their members to save money on their fuel. Members can subscribe to their site to receive alerts of where the cheapest petrol is in their area.

Hampshire, UK Partner With Mailjet To Save Resource is a service that enables their members to save money on their fuel. Members can subscribe to their site to receive alerts of where the cheapest petrol is in their area. partnered with Mailjet, as it offered them the flexibility they needed. The Mailjet transactional solution suited their specific needs and gave them the keys to take control of their email sending.

As a European based organisation, Mailjet offers the security of knowing their data is hosted within the European Union. can also rest easy, knowing all their hard work is not going to waste, as Mailjet’s integral relationships with ISPs mean their emails reach their subscribers inboxes.

“Mailjet was the obvious choice for when benchmarked against other solutions; as it was quick to implement, priced competitively and easy to operate. MJML (Mailjet’s Markup Language) gives us the ability to create our own templates, so we save time previously spent waiting for a 3rd party. Mailjet is the ideal solution for small fast moving companies with large email requirements who want direct control, but also good account support when necessary” Jason Lloyd, Managing Director,


Snipandshare offers a Chrome extension that allows users to snip and share "the best bits of the Web", to share them via email, social networks or IM.

London, United Kingdom

+152% click-through rate for triggered messages compared to marketing emails

Snipandshare increase email delivery speed by up to 30x

Snipandshare is an London based startup. It offers a Google Chrome extension allowing the users to snip pieces of content ("The best bits of the Web"), and then share them through email, social medias or instant messaging. After testing a few email service providers, the Snipandshare team faced three big challenges: deliverability, delivery time and API integration. In early 2015, Snipandshare started using Mailjet. They worked closely with our Developer Relations team, on a solution allowing Snipandshare to integrate Mailjet's API. Thanks to this new structure, Snipandshare's emails are sent 30 time faster. "A comprehensive and user-friendly API has helped us create a solid service offering using Mailjet's email delivery engine, says Ripul Agarwal, co-founder of Snipandshare. Mailjet's support team has gone above and beyond what we've experienced with previous providers."


Of a Kind is an indie marketplace that sells unique fashion, home and jewelry pieces from on-the-rise designers.

New York City, New York, USA

+23% open rate


Of a Kind is an ecommerce retailer selling unique fashion, home and jewelry pieces from on-the-rise designers. The idea is that you can brag about being one of the few people on the planet to own the product and learn all about the artist’s behind-the-scenes story. At the end of 2014, looking to share their awesome products with more of the world, Of a Kind started exploring ways to grow their email list. In December 2014, Of a Kind partnered with a few other companies to run a joint campaign, cross-promoting to consumers with similar interests. Pooling together their reach, each participating company would be able to collect a greater number of email sign-ups. It was a win-win situation. After opting in an additional 40,000 contacts from the co-marketing campaign, Of a Kind’s open rate dropped significantly. Of a Kind deeply cares about providing products and content that their customers love. That’s why in May they segmented out users who no longer showed an interest in receiving email (those who had not opened or clicked in six months) and removed them from the contact lists. To date, Of a Kind’s average open rate is now averaging over 10 percent above rates before the list clean. Their content is reaching consumers who are truly engaged. Post-removal of the inactive users, Of a Kind saw a 23 percent increase in open rates that could be attributed directly to better inboxing.


Mention Me is a platform that businesses use to create referral programs.

London, UK

Up to 25% new signups


Mention Me, a UK based tech company, is a platform that businesses use to create and optimise referral programs. Their service offers a peer-to-peer referral function where amongst other sharing channels, users can send referral offers to each other via email, powered by Mailjet. When Mention Me was first founded, the team was looking for a transactional email solution that was scalable and secure. Mention Me operates on behalf of clients, so the protection of personal information and robust legal terms were top priorities. In the past two years, Mention Me has grown to work with national and international brands, with more than 1000% growth in their email sending volume. They have used transactional email, delivered by Mailjet, to enhance their core business value and achieve growth of between 10 to 25% in new customers for their clients through this service. Tim Boughton, CTO, says that Mailjet offers the right combination of features they need, a user-friendly API for integration and a scalable platform.   "Ultimately it matters that our emails get delivered to the recipient quickly and efficiently. We've got confidence in the performance, deliverability and reliability of the platform. We have plenty of other things to focus on when growing our business - so it's nice to be able to rely on a partner like Mailjet for our email delivery." Boughton says.


Sketchfab is a platform allowing its users to publish, share and search for 3D content.


300,000+ users 400,000+ 3D files

Sketchfab, 3D model sharing platform, scales custom user experience with transactional email

Sketchfab, a platform to publish and find 3D content, aims to do what YouTube did for video makers, or what SoundCloud did for musicians, for creators of 3D content. Transactional email is a large part of the interactive user experience, Sketchfab sends notifications on user interactions such as new comments, follows and likes.   Sketchfab was sending with their own SMTP, and as they looked to scale their platform, they decided to look for a more reliable, cost-effective solution to send triggered email from their servers and found Mailjet. "Switching from our own SMTP was only a matter of changing a few lines of code" says CPO Pierre-Antoine Passet.   Sketchfab recently built out a custom email preference center, where users can customize the content they see and the frequency they receive it. Using Mailjet's APIs, Sketchfab can sync individual user preferences to corresponding segmented contact lists. When a user unsubscribes from one type of "activity", say notifications when someone new follows them, their email address is automatically removed from the respective contact list. Allowing users to tailor the experience to their own needs improves engagement.   "The icing on the cake is that some deliverability best practices are built in and others are easy for us to automate on our own, making sender reputation management a breeze for us," says Pierre-Antoine Passet. "For example, if someone marks one of our emails as spam, their address is automatically removed from our mailing lists."


Linxo allows its users a real-time tracking all of their banking and financial operations on one dashboard.

Aix-en-Provence, France

+3,000,000 emails sent per month +1,000,000 users

The use of email as a secured communication channel by Linxo

Linxo is a French company offering its users a real-time tracking all of their banking and financial operations on one dashboard. Users are notified via emails whenever an operation occurs, thanks to Mailjet.   Before the product launch, Linxo looked for a scalable, efficient and above all safe email service, since their application deals with banking information. Naturally, Linxo met with Mailjet to find a proper solution to address their needs.   Mailjet allowed Linxo to set quickly and simply a secured system to send their transactional emails, scaling with the growth of the company. In 2014, the number of Linxo users doubled. The same thing is expected for 2015. Despite the volume of emails sent grew, the deliverability of Linxo's transactional emails stayed the same, each message being delivered safely in the inboxes of the recipients.   Bruno Van Haetsdaele, co-founder and CEO at Linxo is glad to have chosen Mailjet, the availability of the Mailjet's Team and the efficiency of the service being a huge help for his business.   "We choose to go with Mailjet in the first place because we knew it would easily scale to our needs. With Mailjet, we knew that the growth of the service and the management of the emailing infrastructure wouldn't be a problem. When we started sending huge volumes of emails, we have been able to easily increase the traffic while keeping an optimal quality of service. Mailjet understood our needs in terms of privacy and security. Because of all these factors, Mailjet is the email service we were looking for, that helps our business grow."