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Different service packages let you get the most out of Mailjet.


Everything you need to get started with Mailjet and ensure a quick and smooth takeoff.

Account Management

First-class onboard service to help you get the most out of your emails.

Deliverability Monitoring

A customized analysis to understand and improve your deliverability habits.

First-class Support

Dedicated support attention to every abnormal in-flight condition.

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Whatever your emailing objectives, let us help you onboard smoothly and build a solid foundation to work from. Our professional onboarding services will ensure long-term success with measurable results for your business. Our consulting team will help you prepare your Mailjet Account to send high volumes of emails that will pass ISP’s anti-spam filters and ensure a high inbox placement rate.

What’s in the program?

  1. Project Kick-off
    • Best practices review
    • Project timeline
    • Dedicated Deliverability, API and account management experts
  2. Setup assistance
    • SPF & DKIM Authentication
    • Custom tracking
    • Sending addresses and domains
    • Dedicated IPs
    • Sub-accounts
  3. Warm-up and monitoring
    • Warm-up plan set-up and guidance
    • Monitoring of first campaigns
    • Deliverability reports

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