What is an acceptable bounce rate?

Bounced emails hurt your reputation as well as Mailjet’s, so it’s important to keep your bounce rate low (ideally as close to 0% as possible).

What is a ‘bounced’ email exactly?

An email is declared as a ‘bounce’ when it cannot be delivered to the recipient and returns with an error message. Emails can bounce for several reasons: people change jobs, change ISPs, close or abandon their email accounts. Please read our Email Statuses document for more information on ‘bounced’ and ‘blocked’ emails.

One of your goals as a sender is to reduce and maintain the number of bounces:

Practice sending emails on a regular basis. Sending an email at least once per month will help keep your lists updated, your recipients engaged, and your bounce rates low. As per our Sending Policy, your bounce rate should be below 8%.

If you use an older or stale list, chances are you will encounter more bounces. And if your bounce rate is too high (>8%), your account could be temporarily suspended. Update and clean your contact lists regularly to maintain a list of responsive contacts.

Also use a double opt-in (or confirmed) process for new subscribers. This will prevent any mistyped or fake email addresses from getting into your contact lists.

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