What are the API Key and Secret Keys? How should I use them?

An API Key and Secret Key are secret tokens used by Mailjet to authenticate you with our servers. Your API Key and Secret Key are only known to you and Mailjet. It is important to keep both keys confidential to protect your account.

The API Key and Secret Key are the values entered into the SMTP parameters when you want to send email from directly from your email client or program. Your API Key Information can be found in your SMTP Settings page.

Also, with API Keys, you are able to create sub-accounts on your Mailjet account. This allows to separate your mailings across different API Keys for easier management, account sharing, and reporting.

Additional API Key creation is only available on paid plans. To create additional API Keys, simply go to your API Key Management page. For detailed instructions on creating additional API Keys, please read our Sub-Accounts FAQ.

The number of API Keys is limited for technical reasons, but our Support Team can assign you additional keys upon request.

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