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Webmecanik trusts Mailjet to send millions of emails every month on behalf of its clients

Webmecanik offers the first SaaS marketing automation solution using open-source technology.   This solution makes it possible to automate marketing and sales actions for a company’s current and prospective customers through multiple channels, including email. The process is achieved by using automated workflows: the action of a customer (page visit, download of a document, etc.) triggers a particular action (add the contact to a list, send a marketing email, notifications, etc.).   More than 300 clients trust Webmecanik, including Darty, Renault Sport, and T-Systems.   Webmecanik’s messages are sent to customers through different channels: social media, Web notifications, text messages, etc. However, the main mode of communication is still email. As such, Webmecanik needed a strong partner to handle the sending of its clients’ emails, ensuring high-quality routing and an excellent delivery rate.

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“Mailjet has been able to perfectly meet our needs for a strong technical partnership. This includes the openness of their solution (API and SMTP), personalized communications and contact people, and strong infrastructure that meets our requirements for managing and protecting data.”

Norman Pracht

Marketing & Product Director - Webmecanik