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GDPR: Mailjet is the first company in the world to be certified

PARIS, June 6, 2018 – On May 25, 2018, the EU’s new framework for data protection regulation, GDPR, finally came into effect. Mailjet, Europe’s leading emailing solution, is the first company in the world have obtained the AFAQ certification from AFNOR Certification, guaranteeing that Mailjet respects the main principles of GDPR. This comes a year after Mailjet obtained the ISO 27001 certification, the international standard for best practices in information security processes. For Mailjet, this represents an important milestone to being able to offer the highest level of data confidentiality and security to its global customers, including Microsoft, AVIS, Kia and the AA.

Mailjet helps ensure the GDPR compliance of its customers

Under GDPR, companies collecting personal data have a responsibility to ensure its protection, regardless of where the data may circulate. This means that both the enterprise collecting personal data, as well as the third-party providers (including CRM systems, cloud hosting solutions, and email providers) treating this same data must respect the GDPR requirements. This highlights the importance of choosing third-party providers that comply with GDPR and are able to prove it.

The AFAQ certification: protection of personal data

In the context of GDPR, this AFAQ certification awarded by AFNOR Certification guarantees that Mailjet respects the key principles for the protection of personal data. This certification demonstrates the organizational and technical measures put in place by Mailjet to achieve GDPR-compliance, including:

  • Respect of individual rights, allowing users to have more control over their personal data (request for access, rectification, deletion, etc.).

  • Processes to detect and respond to data breaches.

  • Controls to ensure contractors have an appropriate level of personal data protection.

  • Implementing data protection by design on all data processing activities.

  • Appointment of a DPO within the company and commitment to staff awareness.

“Right from the beginning, all Mailjet teams have been made aware about what GDPR means with on-going training, Lunch & Learns, internal newsletters and more. During the certification audits, Mailjet members within the various teams were interviewed to verify the real-life application of GDPR requirements. The successful implementation of these requirements within the company is a result of the involvement and motivation of all Mailjet employees. We are all very proud of this certification.” explains Darine Fayed, Head of Legal and Data Protection Officer at Mailjet.

“Our certification helps to ensure the respect of GDPR’s main principles, by controlling the organization’s evidence and the technical measures implemented by the company to achieve compliance.” says Benoît Pellan, Digital Trust Manager at AFNOR Certification.

About Mailjet

Mailjet is the email solution for teams to create, send, and monitor marketing emails, transactional emails, and SMS. Using Mailjet’s intuitive multi-user, drag-and-drop interface, teams can create impactful email templates together. Mailjet provides a sophisticated SMTP relay in addition to highly flexible APIs, allowing developers to easily integrate its solutions within their apps or services. The company’s cloud-based infrastructure is scalable to any business size and its proprietary technology ensures that emails arrive in the inbox.

Brands like Microsoft, AVIS, Product Hunt, MIT and more trust Mailjet to send over 2 billion emails every month. With over 100K clients and offices worldwide (including London, New York, Paris, and Düsseldorf), Mailjet is proud to be ISO 27001 certified and the first company in the world to be AFAQ certified, guaranteeing the respect of GDPR’s main principles. Emailing with Mailjet means doing so under the highest levels of data security and data privacy, in compliance with GDPR.