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Mailjet and CrossEngage

CrossEngage is a real-time customer data platform (CDP) with cross-channel campaign management. The platform integrates all available data sources such as product data, user data, order data and behavioral data to automate customer journey across all channels.

  • Overview

    CrossEngage is a real-time customer data solution that facilitates moment marketing across all of your channels. The software integrates all available sources of data (such as behavioral, order, user, and product data) and provides comprehensive 360° consumer profiles that enable marketers to treat each consumer as an individual. In addition, CrossEngage allows marketers to respond to consumer activities in real time, and define specific events in the buying journey as triggers for relevant marketing strategies (abandoned cart, transaction notification, intelligent product recommendation, real-time upselling…) It is easy to integrate CrossEngage with any CRM, using API. You can take advantage of our competitive prices and start using this integration with ease!

  • Features

    The integration with CrossEngage offers you:

    • Analytics/ROI tracking

    • Customer profiles

    • Data matching

    • Dynamic content

    • Advanced marketing automation

    • Multivariate testing

    • Search marketing

    • Social marketing

    • Website visitor tracking

    • Behavioral analytics

    • Churn management

    • Customizable CTAs

    • Drip campaigns

    • Multi-channel collection

    • Personalization

    • Segmentation

    • Visual analytics

    Contact our Sales Team for a customized plan that will include CrossEngage integration and discover all the other features CrossEngage is offering.

  • Installations

    Connect Mailjet to CrossEngage without any programming skills. Get started.

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