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Looking for the best email marketing services? Discover what makes Mailjet the best email marketing tool for your business.

Finding the best email service provider

Choosing between different email providers and finding the best for your email needs can be time-consuming. Mailjet is an easy-to-use, all-in-one email platform for companies of all sizes. With our transactional and bulk email services, big and small businesses around the world can build a strong email program and accelerate their growth. Mailjet is Europe's leading email solution, with over 40,000 customers in 150 countries. Mailjet offers many tools that help your email program thrive. To create emails that get noticed, use our innovative Email Editor to create customized message templates—and edit them in real time with the rest of your team. When your email is complete, you can use our tools to test different variations of your email to different segments of your audience, schedule your messages for automatic and delayed sending, and more. After sending, use Mailjet’s analytics tools to see how your individual emails have each performed, and how you can make them even more effective. It’s an all-in-one solution in one convenient package.

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Email service provider with advanced marketing features

Email is more than just sending messages to a contact list. Mailjet’s varied and advanced email marketing tools let you create, send, and optimize email campaigns within one dedicated provider. Upload your contact list or grow it organically by capturing website visitors with our subscription widget and signup forms. Then, create responsive email newsletters as a team with our drag-and-drop email editor and live collaboration tools. Send targeted email campaigns with our email segmentation and personalization features and optimize your campaigns with our A/B testing tool and detailed email stats. Discover our marketing automation features, including autoresponders and drip campaigns, and maximize their roles in your email marketing strategy. Mailjet is proudly ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Strong security measures protect customer data from unauthorized access—your data is stored in our secure data centers with Google Cloud Platform in Frankfurt (Germany) and Saint-Ghislain (Belgium). All data is backed up daily and written across multiple discs in seconds. In the case of an emergency, Mailjet has you covered. We also have a personal data registry that we maintain as part of GDPR. This registry keeps track of personal data, where the data is stored, who is responsible for the data, and any data retention timelines and regulations. All of your data is confidential, and Mailjet will never give it to any third parties. We are committed to following applicable laws that protect your privacy and keep you safe.

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Get advanced customer support and customized email expertise

At Mailjet, we offer a powerful sending infrastructure paired with multilingual VIP customized support. Whether you are using our drag-and-drop editor to create marketing campaigns or sending transactional emails or SMS, you’ve found the right solution. Our Customer Support team is available in four languages to help you optimize your email program. Sending emails quickly is important (there’s a reason we’re called Mailjet), but it’s just as crucial to know that they’re making it to the inbox. With our Deliverability Services, you can benefit from a dedicated account manager to help you understand your deliverability rates and maximize the success of your email strategy, every step of the way. Monitor your sending reputation, set up dedicated IP addresses and improve your deliverability to suit your goals.

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Easily create email campaigns

Email is a team effort. Discover Mailjet’s Email Editor, the only drag-and-drop email editor where teams can work together, add comments, and track changes in real-time to create stunning email campaigns that look great on desktop and mobile devices. Email newbies with limited experience designing their own campaigns will love Mailjet’s template gallery and Email Editor’s intuitive nature and ease-of-use. Email pros looking for an email editor that allows them to build complex email templates will benefit from its flexibility and endless capabilities. Choose a responsive email template from our template gallery or create yours from scratch and customize it by inserting text or images blocks, links, social media buttons, and even customizable features in our drag-and-drop builder. And if you need even more flexibility, our HTML code blocks let you personalize your template even more. Then, easily test and send your campaigns to your contacts. It doesn’t get easier than that.

Manage your contacts & send tailored emails

Building a strong email list takes time. At Mailjet, we want to help you grow a healthy and profitable list of engaged contacts. Our email marketing platform includes contact management features that allow you to capture and organize your contacts to grow your email program. Easily create and embed a subscription widget or manually upload your email list. Then, segment your lists based on gender, demographic or behavioral data to send the right message to the right contact. Target different groups of your mailing list with our segmentation tools, and use our personalization feature to craft and send messages that are tailored to your recipients and their needs.

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Send through Mailjet’s platform or integrate our SMTP relay or email API

Mailjet offers an easy-to-use email platform that allows you to create, send and track your emails. You can use the Mailjet platform to build stunning campaigns, easily gather data on your messages’ performances and make sure that the right content is going to the right place. It’s all there in one intuitive user interface. Integrate Mailjet in less than five minutes and start sending emails via SMTP relay or Send API. Use our ready-to-go libraries in your preferred language: PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, C#, Java and Go, etc. Get all the information you need from our comprehensive documentation, including how-to guides. Expert know-how is only a few clicks away. Your emails make up an integral part of your marketing, sales and operational strategy. That’s why we help you integrate Mailjet right into your system, by integrating with the most frequently used tools on the market. Mailjet offers 80+ integrations to CRMs, CMS, e-commerce, contact management and marketing platforms, including Salesforce, Magento, Wordpress, Drupal, Shopify, etc.

SMTP configuration.
Mailjet's advanced email statistics for an email campaign.

Optimize your email campaigns with advanced statistics

With Mailjet’s analytics, you can get actionable insights to grow your business. Track open rates, click rates, bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints, and stay on top of your email deliverability. Generate a complete overview of your emails performance and actionable insights to maintain a healthy email list and improve your email strategy. You can also set up alerts and receive notifications when there is an issue with your transactional email sending by setting up webhook notifications. Track your key sending indicators and get notified if something unusual happens. Who wants multiple tools and processes when you can seamlessly collaborate with others through Mailjet’s all-in-one email service provider? Our free email marketing software enables you to build, send, and monitor your email marketing campaigns at scale. Our intuitive and collaborative tools let you focus on creating attractive, successful marketing and email automation campaigns that engage the reader and enable brand consistency, while we take care of getting your emails to their inbox. Additionally, we offer a robust suite of services to effectively manage your transactional emails. From building responsive email messages to real-time analytics for your important email traffic, our transactional email solution effectively supports developers and marketers alike.

Discover what makes Mailjet different

The best thing? You can discover what makes Mailjet the best email marketing software by signing up for a free plan. Browse through our template gallery, test our drag-and-drop email editor, check out our features and start sending emails today for free. Compare Mailjet to other email marketing service providers like MailchimpSendinblue and Sendgrid to understand what makes Mailjet the best all-in-one email service provider for your company.

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