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Email Infrastructure Built to Scale

Businesses rely on Mailjet’s flexible infrastructure everyday to process and send millions of emails per hour. Learn more about our infinite scalability, real-time statistics, server availability, distributed architecture, and certified data security below.

Infinite Scalability to Support High Sending Volumes

Mailjet’s infrastructure can auto-scale to send up to 15M emails/hour (per user) via our Email API, even during peak sending periods. Our proprietary architecture is based on low-level optimized code, and a distributed cache strategy, which allows us to achieve the most rapid processing possible. We also use components from the HashiCorp suite to scale applications that require horizontal scaling. You’ll never have to worry about the capacity of our platform.

An automated email marketing campaign.
Statistics from Mailjet that allow for continuous improvement.

Real-time Email Performance Statistics

Our big-data components (including Kafka, Spark and Cassandra) enables our system to easily generate real-time statistics so that you will know exactly how your emails perform and how to optimize them. You can either PULL aggregated data or configure a webhook or queueing system (such as Amazon SQS or Google Pub/Sub) to receive email events in real-time.

Reliable Infrastructure With 99.9% Availability

Our architecture is built with 700+ virtual machines (3,000+ CPU cores) hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

With 99.9% availability, it allows us to process millions of emails per hour for customers worldwide.

SMTP configuration.

Distributed Architecture Across Multiple Datacenters

Your data is stored and processed in the EU. We distribute resources across 2 regions and 6 data centers in Europe. This helps ensure all of our customers comply with specific data residency requirements and regulations.

Mailjet's deliverability statistics and engagement.
Deliverability statistics for a Mailjet email campaign.

Security at the Core of our Platform

To stress-test the vulnerability of our platform we regularly conduct internal systematic acceptance tests and external audits, including a bug-bounty program with HackerOne. Code review is mandatory for all updates and unit tests are made by our developers. You can rest easy knowing that security is integrated into all of our development and deployment processes.

Highest Level of Data Privacy

Privacy by design is the foundation of Mailjet’s infrastructure. We take security and data privacy very seriously and are proud to be the first ISO 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant email service provider. We have implemented strong measures to help protect your customer data from inappropriate access or use by unauthorized persons. This includes restricting access to our internal systems by our personnel, and carefully defining requirements for responding to government and third-party requests for customer data.

Statistics in Mailjet interface.
The Trusted Platform for Email Delivery
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