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Personalize your emails

Adapt your emails to send the right content to each of your recipients. Add dynamic placeholders for your variables and create “for” loops so you can customize each message depending on your customers’ interests.


Make templates more efficient

Go beyond simple personalization tags by adding logic into your email to include or remove sections of the delivered message. Mailjet’s Templating Language lets you manage different business scenarios within a single dynamic template by adapting the layout of your email to any situation.
Use Templating Language to display different sections for different segments of your customers. Display one layout for the women and another for men, and then add one dedicated only for your VIP clients.

Send with our API or SMTP relay

Declare your variables in your API call or SMTP request. Feed the information from your system to ours and we will do the rest by replacing the information in the placeholders.

Collaborate with your team

Simplify your work process by letting the marketers and the designers collaborate in our visual editor Passport to create template layouts. After that, developers just have to add the templating language blocks and set up the logic.

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