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Templating Language for Transactional Emails

Transactional Email Templates That Adapt To Each Customer

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Today’s consumers expect a fully customized user experience. Companies often lack the tools to address this challenge and result in developing their own solutions.

Uniquely Relevant Messages

Adapt your email content to provide a tailored message for each recipient. Automatically hide or display sections based on conditions or segments, and use dynamic placeholders to create a fully personalized email within one single template.


One Template, Endless Possibilities

How often have you coded the same email layout? Too often. Mailjet’s Templating Language lets you manage different business scenarios within a single dynamic template. Use conditions and loops to adapt the layout of your email to any situation.

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Enhance Passport Templates

Enable marketers and designers to collaborate on the work in our email template editor Passport to create beautiful email templates. Go further by adding templating language blocks and achieve the behavior you’re looking for.

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Trust An Industry Expert

The structure of our robust solution is similar to other templating solutions, making you feel at home. Leverage our templating language with MJML, our open-source markup language, helping you to ease the strain of responsive email development. You’ll have less responsive email templates to maintain, giving you more time to focus on your core business.

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